5 Celebrities Who Used To Be Truck Drivers

Future stars can be molded out of truck driving, too!

Unbeknownst to many of us, a few of the entertainment industry’s top guns had their guns [literally] honed by this esteemed profession. You’ll be surprised of the names that are going to pop up on this list.

truck drivers turned celebs


Elvis Presley promoting Jailhouse Rock
(c) Wikimedia Commons

Everybody can’t help falling in love with him, but this multi-hyphenated American icon – singer, musician, actor, and cultural icon – actually took up ‘truck driving’ as a job right after graduating. He drove these lorries for “Crown Electric Company,” where he wore his hair longer with a ‘ducktail,’ the hair style unique to truck drivers back then.

When the future ‘King of Rock ‘n Roll’ tried auditioning to a popular musician of the time, the said personality told him to “Still to driving a truck, because you’ll never make it as a singer.” Ouch!


James Cameron
(c) Schmoes Know

Is your favorite film one of these: “Terminator,” “Titanic,” “Aliens,” or “Avatar?” If so, then one of these might be inspired by his experiences as a truck driver (we kid). After finishing secondary school, he took up a job as one, which is one of the many jobs he went through since then.

When he wasn’t driving those big boys around, Cameron continuously wrote and taught himself about special effects. As the first Star Wars film hit the silver screens on 1977, the budding director decided that he had enough driving and it’s off to the world of entertainment production from thereon!


Sean Connery
(c) AFI

“Bond, James Bond” might be his famous mantra, but this famous spy actor’s gig wasn’t always about sleuthing; that’s right, he drove trucks too!

Before becoming Mr. James Bond, this Scottish actor tried out various professions such as being a milkman, an artist’s model, coffin polisher, and at some point, as a truck driver – all that after being expelled from the Royal Navy due to health reasons.

Of course, Connery’s luck changed when his football skills were spotted by a Manchester United scout in 1923, which he ironically turned down to be an actor instead.


(c) Getty
(c) Getty

Liam sure is a toughie. Not only will he find us and kills us, but he might run us over with a truck too if he catches kidnapping his daughter.

After dropping out of university, Mr. Neeson returned home and worked as a forklift operator at the Guinness Brewery, serving as a window of opportunity for him to go into truck driving later. However, he moved on to train as a teacher, where a few years motivated him to focus on acting.

Now, everyone knows him via his impressive body of work, a distinguished list that includes “Schindler’s List,” “Batman Begins,” and “Taken.”


Viggo Mortensen
(c) Wikimedia Commons

Another bad boy, Viggo Mortensen might look like the poster boy for everything bad ass, but his role wasn’t always like as edgy. He was a truck driver once, a stint he did to fund his travels.

After finishing a degree in Spanish studies and Politics in New York, Viggo travelled and lived in Denmark, England, and Spain while working jobs like this to sustain his lifestyle.


So, the next time you see a tough-looking truck driver – with a freight broker bond like JW Surety Bonds to boot — you might be looking at a future Hollywood superstar!


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