Has Taylor Swift Been Tebowed?

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Tebow and Swift
Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift

The mania surrounding Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow pretty much died down after the team lost its chance to make it to the Super Bowl, but interest in the “clean” athlete does not seem to be totally dead yet. Remember when one of the Kardashians expressed interest in him, and he said that they have very different values and they will not mix? Understatement of the year, Sherlock.

It seems that another Hollywood beauty has caught the quarterback’s eyes, though. Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift are rumored to have been “interacting” lately. At one of the latest big bash in Hollywood – a pre-Oscars party – Tebow was reportedly seen chatting the country singer up. That could not mean anything, actually, as he is known to be a friendly guy. And be honest, who wouldn’t want to chat up a girl who hooked up with John Mayer and then wrote a song about what an a-hole he is?

It didn’t stop there. They were seen having dinner on Monday at the Toscanova Italian restaurant in Century City. What is not clear is whether or not the dinner was a date. Then again, why would a football player and a country singer go out for dinner if they were not interested in each other? If there is another plausible reason, please enlighten me!

So what do you think? Has Taylor Swift been Tebowed or what?

Image via ESPN