Piers Morgan Watches Ratings Plummet After Two Weeks On-Air

Piers Morgan Talk Show Failing Miserably

During his last three months on the air talk show host Larry King routinely saw 674,000 viewers to his popular show, however just two weeks after taking over the show and with a huge advertising campaign supporting him, Piers Morgan is barely managing just over 50% of King’s original viewer numbers.

Piers Morgan Tonight has went from 2.1 million viewers during his shows January 17 premier to just 498,000 viewers as of Thursday’s show featuring uber-popular socialities and reality TV stars Kim and Kourtney Kardashian

How bad is it for the show? During these early stages of existence Morgan was beat out by Fox News and MSNBC shows, as well as a documentary on CNBC about the supermarket industry.

Have you been watching Pier’s show? Why do you think people don’t want to tune in? I have a theory that American’s are on British invasion overload and replacing a heralded American talk show host with a Brit was just too much.


  1. James Douglas says:

    Just do not think he comes across very well…for us Americans. I have been one of the watchers…but I felt he was doomed…when he was telling Howard Stern that he was as good as he was. You might be able to say that after you had been on the air for oh…let’s say more than a week? Hasn’t Howard Stern been on the air like 25 years? I wish him, Morgan, good luck…but not sure Americans want to see a cocky guy, American or Brit every night. Once a week was hard enough, with Simon Cowell…

  2. Maybe it is British overload…To me he’s a totally unaccredited journalist that is trying to deal with serious global issues…He’s turned his career into a joke with shows like “America’s Got Talent” and “The Apprentice”…Now he thinks he can be taken seriously in Larry Kings chair? CNN overall has turned into a joke to me and I stopped watching after Spitzer got on there…They continue to hire these people because they’ve made headlines in the past…but in ways I would think CNN would want to run from…

    My 2 cents…

  3. I’m an Anglophile, but I can’t stand him. He’s pompous, smug and full of himself. He brings nothing of interest to the table. I hope they find someone else with more substance.