K-Fed: Newest Member Of Celebrity Fit Club

After TMZ featured K-Fed's new bod, it is no surprise that he took action - and quick! He is now officially part of the reality series, Celebrity Fit Club. His other ex, Shar Jackson is joining him. Good luck to them both! … [Read more...]

Lil Mama Does A Mini-Kanye

Why would anyone want to be called Lil Mama? Anyway, Lil Mama is her name and she did a little Kanye at the VMA. Poor little girl, no one even really noticed - at least no one talked about it except for TMZ, who must have been feeling sorry for her. You might not have … [Read more...]

K-Fed Is That You???

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this huge guy on TMZ last night. That's the exact photo I saw - yes folks, it's Kevin Federline himself. While Britney seems to have gotten even sexier, the same cannot be said of the father of her children. … [Read more...]

Hail King Spencer Pratt

Talk about conceit! Spencer Pratt is legally changing his name to King Spencer Pratt. He says that since there is a "a Queen of England and a Prince William that there should be a king of America." So he proclaims himself as king? I feel embarrassed for the guy. … [Read more...]

Spencer Pratt: Pay Me To Sunbathe

Say that again? Listen up folks, Mr. Pratt wants the Atlantis Paradise Island beach resort to pay him for sunbathing by their pool. I know he has a good body, but why should anyone pay for him to show it off? I think someone needs to get grounded... … [Read more...]