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Before She Was Bella

…Kristen Stewart was a child actress. Remember Jodie Foster’s “Panic Room” back in 2002? Kristen played Jodie Foster’s kid.

I promise I’m not trying to be mean, but I remember watching that movie and kept asking my sister, “Is she a girl or a boy?” Kristen’s character was tomboyish and sported a short boyish haircut in the movie. It was only when the scenes showed family pictures that I realized Kristen was a girl.

Who would’ve thought she’d grow up to play the lead character in one of the hottest movies of the MTV generation?


Is Jodie Out Of The Closet At Last?

Well, if you count making a sweet public statement about your long-term female partner.  At an awards ceremony in Los Angeles, Jodie Foster spoke of her lesbian love, calling her the “beautiful Cydney”, who stuck by her through all the “rotten and bliss”.  Cydney Bernard is a producer whom she met in 1993 on the set of Sommersby. She and Jodie share a Malibu home with Jodie’s her two sons, age 9 and 6.


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