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Brangelina to Get Married in France

Brangelina French Estate

Brangelina French Estate

So the “good old US of A” is not good enough for the most famous celebrity couple of this generation? Is that it?

Probably not.

It is no secret that the famed Hollywood couple have properties around the world, and it just so happens that they have an estate in the south of France. Mind you, the use of the word estate is not an exaggeration in this case as the couple’s property is indeed worthy of that name. One can even call in a mansion housed in sprawling grounds. But do you expect anything less from Brangelina? Read the rest of this entry »


It looks like another NEWLYWEDS edition is on the works for Nick Lachey.  Yep, that’s  another TV wedding for  the 98 degrees singer and his soon-to-be wife Vanessa Minilo.

TLC has signed in to exclusively feature a special on the couple’s upcoming wedding tentatively titled Nick and Vanessa’s Dream Wedding.  The network has not announced a premier date as of yet, but word has it it will be aired just within a few weeks after the wedding ceremony.  Then again, there is still the mystery of the wedding date as the couple has been keeping their lips tightly sealed on this.

Lachey who is now 37, married his first wife Jessica Simpson in 2002 which was aired as a special on MTV . This became the take off point of their  3 year  MTV reality show “ Newlyweds:  Nick and Jessica”.  Shortly after their marriage ended in 2006, Lachey started dating  TV host and actress Vanessa Minnilo.

Nick and Vanessa got engaged in November 2010 after a rumoured brief split.  And since it looks like love is definitely running all the way to the altar, the couple expressed their gratitude to their loving fans by  sharing their exciting journey to married bliss via their chronicled wedding TV coverage.

TLC  network manager  Amy Winter reveals the wedding  special will also feature footages from the joint wedding shower, and the search for  Vanessa’s wedding dress.

Of course not to be over shadowed by all this wedding media excitement of her ex husband, Jessica Simpson announced her engagement to ex-football player Eric Johnson just a week after Lachey and Minnilo made their wedding plans public.


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The British Royal Wedding: Cost and Expenses Infographic

Every little girl dreams of being a princess in her own wedding one day, and events such as the recently held Royal Wedding never fail to pique the public’s curiosity. It’s now been almost a month since Prince William and Catherine Middleton tied the knot, but they are still very much at the center of things.

Never mind that you might have seen the Royal Wedding in its entirety perhaps more times than you’ve seen the Titanic. Never mind that you probably cried more while hearing the wedding sermon. If you just can’t get enough of Royal Weddings – the most recent one included – then here’s a cool infographic that will give you what you want. Read the rest of this entry »


The Ultimate Engagement and Wedding Ring Guide

A visual representation of engagement rings, typical wedding plans and other wedding statistics and facts.

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Another great infographic created by Infographiclabs.


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