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A Look At Some Celebrities And Their Ridiculous Jewelry

Most of the time you are lucky enough to read about best dressed celebrities, especially when it comes to red carpet affairs. However, everyone loves to hear about the fashion failures. Instead of just looking at dresses, you should also keep your eyes on the jewelry price. Celebrities, some of them anyway, seem to have […]

Celebrity Perfumes of 2012

Who wouldn’t want to smell like their favourite celebrity? With celebrity perfumes, you can. If you want to know more about the hottest fragrances available, here are the celebrity perfumes of 2012. But why just read about it? Visit your favourite department store today. Fame by Lady Gaga Initially, Lady Gaga’s perfume was said to […]

Lady Gaga Shows Bottom at LAX

Lady Gaga looked quite thrilled arriving at LAX- blowing kisses to her fans, flipping off the paps and showing off her bottom.

Lady Gaga’s Outlandish Hairstyles

A bad hair day is a major emergency issue for most women and all are quick to hide a bed head, a bad cut and some serious hair color catastrophe. Being a celebrity can either let you get away with a few forgiving paparazzi shots and if you’re hair is anything close to Lady Gaga […]

International Clothing Traditions – Celebrity Faux Pas

Glamour and style is big in the celeb world, but even the rich and famous get it wrong sometimes. Even with stylists around them, many A-list stars don’t know how to dress for a specific location or occasion and end up embarrassing themselves terribly. Check out these horrendous fashion faux pas. Cringe! Naomi Campbell Naomi […]

Lady Gaga dating Vampire Diaries star

Lady Gaga’s got a new boy toy—Taylor Kinney, better known as the “hot thing in The Vampire Diaries.” The two locked eyes (and eventually, lips) at the set of the music video for “You and I.” Incidentally, Taylor went shirtless for that video, which gave Lady Gaga a good chance to check out his…acting skills. […]

Lady Gaga Faces Lawsuit on Japan Wristband Sales

Lady Gaga and her wristbands for Japan’s earthquake relief efforts seem to not have gone down the proper profit beneficiary channels . This has been the class action suit filed against the pop sensation  and the other companies involved in the sales and marketing of the “ We Pray for Japan”  wristbands. The $5  white […]

Lady Gaga’s Airport Ensemble

Most celebrities like to dress down when they hit the airport. Remember the days when the likes of Paris Hilton would go to the airport dressed in pajamas with a pillow in tow? They’ve had a long day, and they can’t wait to sleep it off in the plane.

Lady Gaga’s Ex Is On The Prowl

Why is it that as soon as a celebrity’s star power skyrockets, a bitter ex-boyfriend, ex-friend, or ex-manager comes raging with a lawsuit?

Telephone: Too Hot To Handle?

Ever since Lady Gaga released her official “Telephone” video on March 11, it’s become a favorite topic online. The nine-minute video just has too many things going on at the same time—just like Gaga’s wardrobe. Here are the trending topics: 1. It has a whopping number of product placements. And yes, people have nothing better […]

Everybody Wants To Be Like Lady Gaga 2

It’s the second installment to my Lady Gaga Wannabe series. Pretty soon her doppelgangers will run the Elvis Presleys and Chers out of this planet. DJ Jodie Harsh leaves the MAC VIVA Glam launch in central London last Monday. Who could blame Jodie for pulling a Gaga? Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper were the stars […]

iTunes Hits 10 Billion. Guess Which Group’s On Top?

And in music news, iTunes is celebrating as it delivered its 10 billionth song last week. iTunes’ successful digital downloading service began in 2003, and this 10 billion mark is a major milestone for Apple. As Cupertino recovers from a weekend of champagne and revelry, here are some highlights worth googling: 1. The 10 billionth […]

Everybody Wants To Be Like Gaga (Part 1)

…and who could blame them? Lady Gaga’s awesomeness exudes all of your awesomeness put together! Every week or so, I’ll be putting together a gallery of stars who are channeling their inner Gaga. Here is this week’s serving: Jennifer Love Hewitt of The Ghost Whisperer played dress-up last February 21st to celebrate her 31st birthday. […]

Lady Scissorhands

Out in the newsstands today in UK is Lady Gaga’s Q Magazine cover. The cover blurb reads “Lady Gaga Has Risen” and shows a topless Gaga, with one hand strategically covering her assets, of course. Doesn’t this remind you a bit of Edward Scissorhands? Lady Gaga’s spiky trousers and matching pointy hand gloves do resemble […]