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R. Kelly is revving up his ignition again as he sings some steamy jams with two of today’s hottest acts!

Lady Gaga R Kelly Justin Bieber

R. Kelly sizzles up with Gaga and The Biebs! (Getty/Reuters)

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2013 is the year of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and their continuing quest to dominate pop music. What’s with the rift, then?

(c) Ryan McGinley; Inez & Vinoodh

(c) Ryan McGinley; Inez & Vinoodh

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The 2013 MTV VMAs has officially ended – but not without some (or rather, several) wtf moments. (We’re still recovering.)

All "applause" in on Lady Gaga at the VMAs. (Getty)

All “applause” is on Lady Gaga at the VMAs. (Getty)

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Paws up, “little monsters”, because Lady Gaga‘s upcoming album – ARTPOP – finally has come concrete release details!

Lady Gaga fans: save the date on August 19! (Twitter)

Lady Gaga fans: save the date on August 19! (Twitter)

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Who wouldn’t want to smell like their favourite celebrity? With celebrity perfumes, you can. If you want to know more about the hottest fragrances available, here are the celebrity perfumes of 2012. But why just read about it? Visit your favourite department store today.

Fame by Lady Gaga

Initially, Lady Gaga’s perfume was said to be inspired by the smell of blood and semen. The controversial singer later said Fame would smell like an “expensive hooker”. But the truth is that Fame, Lady Gaga’s first fragrance, combines notes of Tiger Orchid, apricot, incense, Atropa belladonna and saffron. Read the rest of this entry »


Lady Gaga looked quite thrilled arriving at LAX- blowing kisses to her fans, flipping off the paps and showing off her bottom.

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Lady Gaga’s Outlandish Hairstyles

A bad hair day is a major emergency issue for most women and all are quick to hide a bed head, a bad cut and some serious hair color catastrophe. Being a celebrity can either let you get away with a few forgiving paparazzi shots and if you’re hair is anything close to Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj, you either own it or just get used to the site of gaping mouths.

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Glamour and style is big in the celeb world, but even the rich and famous get it wrong sometimes. Even with stylists around them, many A-list stars don’t know how to dress for a specific location or occasion and end up embarrassing themselves terribly.

Check out these horrendous fashion faux pas. Cringe!

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell Image Credit

Supermodel Naomi Campbell shocked animal lovers everywhere when she was snapped wearing fur after posing for a PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) ad. The star modelled a selection of coats made from Russian saple, as part of a campaign for designer Dennis Basso, whose creations sell for up to $200,000 each. The catwalk beauty is not the only celeb to have been caught out donning animals skins with Madonna, Rihanna and Kanye West all named on PETA’s Worst-Dressed lists.

If you want a glamorous outfit without wearing a dead animal round your neck, faux fur is all the range these days. Now you can look a million dollars without running the risk of illegally buying the glossy coat of an endangered species. Read the rest of this entry »


Lady Gaga dating Vampire Diaries star

Lady Gaga’s got a new boy toy—Taylor Kinney, better known as the “hot thing in The Vampire Diaries.” The two locked eyes (and eventually, lips) at the set of the music video for “You and I.” Incidentally, Taylor went shirtless for that video, which gave Lady Gaga a good chance to check out his…acting skills.

Since then the couple’s been seen making out in all of the trendiest places in California. You’d think that with their combined incomes they could afford to get a room, right? But, being ever so well-mannered, they do stop long enough from their “conversation” to sign autographs. They’ve also been spotted holding hands at a beach. Ah, young love.

Hope this works out better than Lady Gaga’s other relationships. Her ex Rob Fusari actually tried to sue for for $30.5 million, because he was responsible for turning her career around. He claims she was a rockstar nobody when they met, and then she dumped him when she became famous. Ah, but Rob, even if you did help her win two Grammies and produce several albums, do you look as good as Taylor Kinney without a shirt? See, a girl really needs to set priorities.


Lady Gaga Faces Lawsuit on Japan Wristband Sales

Lady Gaga and her wristbands for Japan’s earthquake relief efforts seem to not have gone down the proper profit beneficiary channels . This has been the class action suit filed against the pop sensation  and the other companies involved in the sales and marketing of the “ We Pray for Japan”  wristbands.

The $5  white and red  rubber bands, whose sales and profits were supposedly promised by the singer to benefit the victims of  Japan’s earthquake, are now in question through allegations of  Michigan legal network, 1800 LAWFIRM. The law firm is also pinning charges on account of “artificially inflated reports of total donations” as well as overcharging buyers on shipping costs.

This entire lawsuit comes in the wake of reports that federal racketeering and consumer protection laws were being broken through deceptive advertising as well as misappropriation of profits from the sales of the wristbands.

The 25 yr. old singer’s official website does show a significant number of comments from fans who have expressed their disappointment on  the long delivery as well as shipping and handling costs  of more than the price of the said wristbands.  The lawsuit filed against the pop diva aims to shed light on any improprieties and ensure that the singer and her partnering companies appropriate the full donations to their  promised beneficiaries.

Steffani Germonatta, or also known in pop music as Lady Gaga herself – graced the pages of Forbes magazine  as the most powerful celebrity in the world.  She is currently doing her “Born this Way”  benefit concert tour in Japan. Sales from the rubber bracelets along with other marketing ventures have been reportedly donated to the earthquake victims totalling a whopping donation of $3 million.



Photo Credit: evilhomer12345

Photo Credit: aboodmagic


Lady Gaga’s Airport Ensemble

Lady Gaga in Japan

Most celebrities like to dress down when they hit the airport. Remember the days when the likes of Paris Hilton would go to the airport dressed in pajamas with a pillow in tow? They’ve had a long day, and they can’t wait to sleep it off in the plane.

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Lady Gaga’s Ex Is On The Prowl

Why is it that as soon as a celebrity’s star power skyrockets, a bitter ex-boyfriend, ex-friend, or ex-manager comes raging with a lawsuit?

Lady Gaga and Rob Fusari


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Telephone: Too Hot To Handle?

Ever since Lady Gaga released her official “Telephone” video on March 11, it’s become a favorite topic online. The nine-minute video just has too many things going on at the same time—just like Gaga’s wardrobe. Here are the trending topics:

1. It has a whopping number of product placements. And yes, people have nothing better to do than to actually count them. According to Advertising Age, there are at least nine different brands appearing in the video. But despite the cornucopia of products, only a handful of brands paid for placements, Lady Gaga’s manager Troy Carter told Advertising Age. Among them are Miracle Whip and Virgin Mobile. The rest were simply given free airtime as thanks for a good partnership with Lady Gaga’s previous shows and projects.

2. The Youtube video has gained over 14,000,000 hits since it came out last week. Enough said.

3. Sexiness is all over the place—from the bra-flashing guards to the sexy jailbirds dressed in bondage attire.

4. Violence is all over the place—from fighting inmates to a poisoning spree.

5. Lady Gaga addresses the hermaphrodite issue. In one scene, the busty lady guards strip an already braless Gaga down to her bare essentials. One of them quips, “I told you she didn’t have a d—k.”

6. Gaga makes out with a girl—but then again, everybody does that these days.

7. Beyoncé is in it, and she was very, very naughty. Although I believe Lady Gaga could’ve done her magic on her own, Beyoncé’s role was interesting. She played the ruthless Honey B, who bailed Gaga out of jail so that they could go on a sexy, killing rampage.

8. Quentin Tarantino lent his bright yellow Chevrolet Silverado SS—a.k.a. The Pussy Wagon, the truck that the bride drives in Kill Bill: Volume 1. Beyoncé and Lady Gaga look much better driving that truck.

9. It has a lot of PG lines, such as the part where Beyonce’s ruthless character tells the guy she killed: “I knew you’d take all of my honey, you selfish motherf*****.”

10. The end of the video flashes “to be continued,” which means we’ll definitely see more of Jonas Akerlund’s creative Gaga genius.

11. MTV banned the video. Yes, sir, the famous music video network found the mini movie-cum-music video too provocative and controversial. I wonder if it has anything to do with Lady Gaga’s team choosing E! as the official channel where they premiered the video. According to reports, other music channels may also ban the video from being aired. Who cares? We still have Youtube.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, spare nine and a half minutes of your life watching below. You won’t regret it.

One fan said it best: “Anyone who’s ever seen her live can testify she is nothing like Britney Spears or Madonna. [Lady Gaga] really is everything.”


Everybody Wants To Be Like Lady Gaga 2

It’s the second installment to my Lady Gaga Wannabe series. Pretty soon her doppelgangers will run the Elvis Presleys and Chers out of this planet.

DJ Jodie Harsh Leaving the MAC VIVA Glam Launch in Central London

(c) Pacific Coast News

DJ Jodie Harsh leaves the MAC VIVA Glam launch in central London last Monday. Who could blame Jodie for pulling a Gaga? Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper were the stars of the MAC event where they launched their own signature lipstick color.

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Lobster Bisque with Lady Gaga, Anyone?

These days, you can put anything—and I mean anything—on Lady Gaga and she’ll pull it off.

Lady Gaga in London

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iTunes Hits 10 Billion. Guess Which Group’s On Top?

And in music news, iTunes is celebrating as it delivered its 10 billionth song last week. iTunes’ successful digital downloading service began in 2003, and this 10 billion mark is a major milestone for Apple.

As Cupertino recovers from a weekend of champagne and revelry, here are some highlights worth googling:

1. The 10 billionth iTunes download is “Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash. It was downloaded by Louie Sulcer of Woodstock, Georgia, who won a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card as part of Apple’s 10 Billion Songs Countdown contest.

2. The most legally downloaded song of all time (or at least since iTunes started in ’03) is “I Gotta Feeling” by Black Eyed Peas, followed by Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” and “Boom Boom Pow,” also by BEP. View the complete list here.

3. Online experts are predicting that iTunes will be tweaking its services to compete with other online downloading companies. Among the possible improvements are cheaper download prices and streaming options.


Everybody Wants To Be Like Gaga (Part 1)

…and who could blame them? Lady Gaga’s awesomeness exudes all of your awesomeness put together! Every week or so, I’ll be putting together a gallery of stars who are channeling their inner Gaga. Here is this week’s serving:

Jennifer Love Hewitt Celebrates her 31st Birthday

(c) Pacific Coast News

Jennifer Love Hewitt of The Ghost Whisperer played dress-up last February 21st to celebrate her 31st birthday. She posed with pals outside her house wearing black fishnet stockings, a black and pink tutu, and a statement shirt. She also had her hair tied into a Lady Gaga-esque bow. Either that, or she’s a fan of Mickey Mouse.

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Lady Scissorhands

Out in the newsstands today in UK is Lady Gaga’s Q Magazine cover. The cover blurb reads “Lady Gaga Has Risen” and shows a topless Gaga, with one hand strategically covering her assets, of course.

Doesn’t this remind you a bit of Edward Scissorhands? Lady Gaga’s spiky trousers and matching pointy hand gloves do resemble Johnny Depp’s iconic character in 1990. Read the story’s snippet (pun intended) below:

[sic] Since her debut single, Just Dance, crashed to Earth with the force of a meteorite in 2008, Lady Gaga has become both the biggest and the most extreme pop star on the planet. With over 8 million album sales and three global Number 1s to her name, she is mainstream culture’s most controversial “nutter”. Q spoke to the global starlet about the phenomenal rise of Lady Gaga, the artist, the person and the media phenomenon. The 23 year old with more confidence than most global mega-stars twice her age was as candid as you’d expect and things went to plan, well, for the first part at least… “It’d be a real f**king story, right?”, she says with a smile.

Other than Lady Gaga, this month’s issue features 100 Most Shocking Moments in Music, The Last Days of Jimi Hendrix, John Lydon, Rufus Wainwright, John Belushi, Mumford & Sons, and much more.


Brit Awards Red Carpet Showdown

The great thing about awards shows outside the US is that they don’t strictly follow the glam code. At the 2010 Brit Awards last Tuesday, it seemed as if the celebs in attendance were there to outdo each other in terms of dressing outrageously.

The Brit Awards - Nicola Roberts

(c) Getty

Nicola Roberts of British girl group Girls Aloud takes a bow—a whole lot of bows, to be exact!

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