4 Most Expensive Things Celebrities Indulge On

Celebrities are known for having big bank accounts and lavish taste. It seems while the rest of us feel like we just broke the bank indulging on a salad at Whole Foods they seem to have no problem spending millions in the blink of an eye.

When it comes to increasing their status, there are a few things that celebrities are known for indulging on more than others. Here are some of the biggest indulgences that celebrities are known for spending their money on.


Buying art is something that has been a reflection of social status for ages. When you have expensive art displayed in your home it not only means that you have a lot of money at your disposal, but people will assume you have refined taste.

Madonna is well known for her incredible art collection with dozens of some of the most famous artists in history. Her collection is worth more than 100 million dollars. She is only one of the many celebrities which have things hanging on their walls which are worth more than many of us combined will make in a lifetime.

Lavish taste in art is something that comes along with the territory of stardom.


Celebrities are known for their huge estates sprawling miles and miles wide. They are often equipped with tennis courts, private gyms, movie theaters, and private lakes. Some celebrities even own their own islands. Imagine, an entire island just for you!

Often celebrities own multiple properties and are known for spreading their time throughout the year in various locations. A summer house in Rome, a winter cottage the countryside of England, and a high rise condo for spring in New York.

Bill Gates, in particular, has one home valuing over 147 million dollars. Not to mention the rest of the properties he owns all over the world.


Let’s face it, celebrities love their flashy vehicles. Most celebrities have several cars which are collectible and not cars you’d see driving around the street every day.

The ultimate sign of wealth is being driven around by a private driver in a car worth hundreds of thousands. It’s safe to say that without a flashy car, you haven’t quite made it yet as a celebrity.

Clothing and Jewelry

Celebrities always have the latest fashion trends down. It seems that fashion designers are fighting over which celebrity will wear their brand at the awards shows. When a celebrity wears your brand it means that you will have the greatest amount of visibility.

Celebrities are known for spending thousands in a matter of minutes at some of the top stores in Beverly Hills. While the rest of us may cringe spending over $200 on something at once, many celebrities have no problem sliding their card for over $20,000 in a single trip to the store for a few items.