Victoria Beckham’s Acai Dieting Secret Is Out!

Want to know how this fashionista whips her figure onto a fine frenzy?

Well, the fashion icon has just admitted that she’s “obsessed” with the Amazonian acai berries, which are some of South America’s most exotic fruits.

With a fab figure, no one would’ve guessed that she has already turned 40. [Life is a bit unfair.] Thanks to this Brazilian superfood – yes, just as Brazilian as this year’s ‘World Cup’ leg – Mrs. David Beckham’s lady managed to keep her svelte frame, which she has been maintaining since her days as a girl group member.

Victoria Beckham uses acai

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What exactly is acai?

This antioxidant-rich fruit is the singer-turned-fashion designer’s choice of binge, due to its strong influence in helping lucky consumers lose weight.

“Obsessed with Acai berries! Native Brazilian super food,” tweets Beckham.

These berries are dark purple palm fruits that are carefully picked from the vast rainforests of the Amazon. For centuries, the underlings have become a staple on the diet of the region’s native inhabitants due to their potent nutrients: amino acids, vitamins A, B, C, and E, and minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, and zinc.

Since the berries rot quickly, acai is usually converted to juice, supplements, or powder, which can even be mixed into an über-delicious fruit shake.

The modern woman’s role model

Following the ex-Spice Girl’s tweet, sales of acai-based supplements (like the amazing Private Label Supplement) went up last month, and in varying percentages.

Victoria revealed that she wants to give women the confidence they need to achieve their own goals. “I want to make a woman feel her best,” the acai fanatic recently expressed during a high-end fashion shoot.

She also shares that her designs suit “a woman that wants to look good. Appreciates luxury. Likes fashion.”

“I’m not competing with anybody else out there; I’m just competing with myself. I never went into this to prove anything to anybody, other than myself.” Becks’ wag adds that aspiring young women shouldn’t be “too afraid of failure” as they won’t be challenged and won’t be moving forward.

However, as much as she loves her work very much, she never forgets to allot time for herself.

“I also want to have fun. I like to poke fun at myself… And I think that surprises people.”

Victoria Beckham uses acai

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More and more acai fans

Victoria, who is now a mother of three (Brooklyn, 15; Romeo, 11; and Cruz, 9), prefers to eat the acai in pulp form, whereas, the others like it ‘powderized’ and mix with other food whilst still absorbing the fruit’s nutrients.

“I sprinkle it on my porridge, gluten-free cereal or smoothie,” Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr says.

As for media magnate Oprah Winfrey, she has mentioned acai to be part of her “top 10 superfoods” list.

The product’s other patrons include ‘Made In Chelsea’ stars Binky Felstead and Spencer Matthews. Both were reported to have lost a gall stone in a month with the help of supplements made from acai, prompting one’s appetite to be curbed and give health buffs some energy boost before going to their respective workout regimen.


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