4 Things We Learned From Lindsay Lohan

If you don’t know who Lindsay Lohan is, then you may have lived under a rock for the last 10 years. Love her or hate her, she’s had no shortage of articles written about her or stories on the television. Known as Hollywood’s bad girl, better remembered for her checkered past … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan Speaks Up On Ex-Fiance’s Abuse!

For starters, yes, they've broken up. … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan Finds Love In Egor Tarabasov!

No matter what, we just have to be happy for our Cady Heron. … [Read more...]

Lindsay Lohan Just Got Out Of A Health Scare!

Lindsay Lohan briefly stayed in a hospital in London this week, which might be due to a chikungunya infection! … [Read more...]

Today’s Hottest Woman: Lindsay Lohan

Why She's Today's Hottest Woman: Okay, so we're technically cheating with this entry. Lindsay Lohan's on everyone's lips (especially in Hollywood!) because of the scandalous list she "accidentally" left detailing some of the men she's banged in tinsel town. … [Read more...]