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Hungry for a fresh new face to rave about? Interview Magazine has done our job for us! [Complete with remarkable quotes, thank you very much.]

Interview Magazine's Young Guns of Hollywood - The Girls

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Justin Bieber’s “Interview”

Interview magazine’s April issue is selling not because of cover girl Carey Mulligan (ouch!); tweens everywhere are saving their allowances to check out the story on Justin Bieber.

Photographed by Gregory Harris, Justin dresses up in metallics, prints, and—yes!—a more colorful wardrobe. What a refreshing change from his usual black wardrobe with neon kicks.

Zoe Wolff’s article paints a photo of the pint-sized pop heartthrob’s life. One minute he’s a 14-year-old hockey player from Canada who can carry a tune; the next minute he’s bigger than the Jonas Brothers. What wonders a hit Youtube account can do for your life!

I remember last year when he was just another Youtube sensation trying to make it big in the entertainment industry. Thanks to Usher’s tutelage and a number of pop/R&B hits, the 16-year-old has changed the way we view the tween market.

Read the Interview story here. Also check out the photo shoot slideshow.


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