Charlie Sheen Is Winning; Actor In Talks For ‘Two And A Half Men’ Return

Charlie Sheen is winning! CBS is reportedly in talks with the troubled actor so he'll return to the set of the networks uber-popular sitcom Two and a Half Men. The announcement comes just two weeks after Sheen was fired and subsequently banned from the Warner Bros. studio … [Read more...]

Charlie Sheen Files $100 Million Lawsuit Over ‘Two And A Half Men’ Firing

Charlie Sheen is an idiot. First he does enough coke to kill a village, then he tarnishes his own image by creating a home haven of porn stars, then he has the gull to actually sue CBS, Warner Bros. and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre for $100 million, claiming wrongful … [Read more...]

Man Dies On Set Of CBS Show ‘NCIS’

A man working on the set of the hit CBS show NCIS died today after a driver lost control of a van on the set of the show and smashed into the man this morning. According to law enforcement on the scene, the 60-year-old driver had a medical emergency when driving which caused … [Read more...]

Big Brother Winner Adam Jasinski Gets 4 Years In Prison

Adam Jasinski, a former winner on the CBS television series Big Brother has been sentenced to 4 years in federal prison. Jasinski was found guilty of using prize money from the show to mastermind and fund a prescription drug ring. You may recall that Jasinski was busted in … [Read more...]

CBS Execs “Concerned” About Charlie Sheen’s Antics, Love His Work Ethic

Hookers, domestic battery, drunken hotel binges with fits of anger, it should come as a surprise that CBS execs are said to be at a "high level of concern" over the recent troubles caused by Charlie Sheen. The Two And A Half Men star has been making headlines since he … [Read more...]