Sarah Hyland is the Hottest Young Actress of the Day


Before I even start, let me go on record and state that she was born in 1990 and is 19 years old so none of what is about to follow is creepy in any way what so ever. Am I trying to defend my actions before I even use my actions? Of course not because my actions never need to be defended. I’m just saving myself time from the millions of emails I would’ve received from people calling me a sicko.

Anyways, enough about you guys and my mental illnesses, let’s focus on Sarah. She is one of the co-stars of Modern Family and if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend you do. She is also in an Olive Garden commercial which is weird considering her star is on the rise. Need to make that paper anyway you can I suppose.

She reminds me of a young Mila Kunis, who isn’t old herself. Is that weird? I guess it doesn’t matter if it is weird or not because it just happened. You know how I do things. I can’t change and don’t pretend to think I can. Once you have been molded into perfection is there any other reason to think that something else can be added?

Now you know where I stand Sarah. If you don’t then you weren’t wearing your special decoder glasses to see the special message I just left for you.