Jim Carrey Might Pop The Question Soon to His Russian Girlfriend

Some May-December wedding bells could be ringing anytime soon for Jim Carrey and his Russian student girlfriend Anastacia Vitkina.

The 50 yr old actor seems to have let the cat out of the bag on his 50th birthday celebration that he is ready to settle down and get married.

Although the couple have only been dating for five months, Jim has decided it’s time to get married and that he can’t wait to pop the question to 30 yr old Anastacia. The couple met in New York last October and his college co-ed love is said to have attended the Parsons School of Design and is now enrolled at New York University.

After his split from Jenny McCarthy in April 2010, Carrey has been hitting the dating scene  on and off with some 20 somethings, the last of whom was 24 yr old America’s Next Top Model contestant Anchal  Joseph.

It seems pretty odd that  Carrey decides to get married again, when in the five years he and Jenny were in a solid relationship, they each strongly confessed how they did not feel the need for a piece of paper to bond them as husband and wife.

We don’t know what makes Anastacia special enough for Carrey to finally have that need to make his love official on paper this time around, if ever he does pop the question. But, he does admit that he was quite smitten by her smarts and her sense of humor.


Photo Credit: softpedia.com

Photo Credit: wypost.com


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