“Grey’s Anatomy” Kills Off Patrick Dempsey’s Character!

Bruce Jenner’s High School Ex Shocked By His Transformation!

Is Waka Flocka Flame Running For PRESIDENCY?

‘Kylie Jenner Challenge’ Is Invading Social Media!

Tim Tebow Is Back At The NFL!

People Are Not Happy With Michael Buble’s Post!

Chris Brown And Rihanna: Domestic Abuse History

Chris Brown has been sentenced to five years of probation. The case which rocked the R&B world has finally come to an end. However, soon after the sentence was laid down, reports have come out that there have been other cases of domestic abuse between the couple! Is anyone surprised?

Brad Pitt’s Inglourious Basterds A Hit

Was there really ever any doubt? The Box Office shows proof – all $37.6 million of it. The Nazi movie is Quentin Tarantino’s biggest opening movie ever – beating Kill Bill by a cool 10 million plus.

Jessica Simpson And Her “Lesbian” Pooch

Oh Twitter, you have a way of letting the cat out of the bag – big time! Jessica Simpson recently tweeted that her dog Daisy is back together with lover Bella. Yeah, she is a lesbian, according to her owner. I wonder what the dog has to say about this?

Michael Jackson’s Death: Homicide

Finally, a ruling has been made as to the cause of Michael Jackson’s death. The Los Angeles country coroner declared that his death was a homicide. This means that Dr. Conrad Murray just might be in more trouble than he first thought.

Brad Pitt Thinks Valkyrie Is Ridiculous?

According to Brad Pitt’s rep, it is “inaccurate.” He says that Brad has not even seen the movie. (That should tell you something about how he feels about Tom Cruise, yes?) If you ask the writers of Stern, a German magazine, however, Brad Pitt did call Tom Cruise’s movie “ridiculous.” So which is which? Maybe […]