Demi Lovato ‘Allures’ In New Shoot!

Bruno Mars Wears Curlers On “The Voice” Finale!

Today’s Hottest Woman: Britney Spears In “Women’s Health!”

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss Is Miss World 2014!

Kourtney Kardashian Has Another Boy!

Eat Like the Stars (With the Stars!)

Kelly Clarkson: Let’s Talk About Weight

I am not a big fan, but you gotta admire this girl. Despite tabloids repeatedly picking on her about her weight, she easily dismisses them and even talks about working out and how comfortable she is with her body. She says she’s healthy and has no problem about how she looks. Would that more people […]

Neil Young To Be Honored

He has never won a Grammy, but he is a two-time Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer. He has also won the hearts of countless fans all over the world. And despite not being Grammy material (his own words, by the way), he is a certified musician and will be honored during the 20th annual […]

Simon Cowell To Stay Put In AI

You gotta love him or you gotta hate him. For some, the line is quite thin. One thing is for sure – Simon Cowell will be staying with American Idol for at least three more seasons, cantankerous wit and all.

Jennifer Hudson: One Proud Momma

Former American Idol contender Jennifer Hudson has given birth to her first child. Named David Daniel Otunga Jr, the baby is Jennifer’s child with fiance actor David Otunga. May this be a sign of more good things to come!

Kate Still Wears Wedding Ring

Word is that Kate Gosselin still wears her wedding ring. It’s not out of love for her husband, though. She says she wears it for the sake of their children – all eight of them. And what about Jon? I doubt he still has it.

MJ Film Approved By Judge

Later this year, Michael Jackson fans will be treated to seeing him on the big screen yet again. A judge ruled on Monday that the movie deal can push through. Columbia Pictures paid $60m for it.

Connor Cruise Gets Ready For War

Connor Cruise, Tom Cruise’s 14-year-old son is getting ready to take part in the remake of Red Dawn. He will play the role of Daryl, a teenager who fights foreign invaders. This is not his first time on the big screen. He played the young Will Smith in Seven Pounds.

Octomom Unseen Footage To Air on FOX

Who wants to see more of Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom? Not me. But just in case you feel like it, tune in to FOX on August 19. They’re showing previously unseen footage for a full two hours. No thanks.

Jessica Simpson Got Shook All Night Long

Not really all night…she just had a shock when she experienced a 6.6 earthquake in Japan. The star, fresh off of her split with Tony Romo, was in the Land of the Rising Sun to shoot her new show. Unfortunately, a quake hit early today, giving Jessica one heck of a shaking. She’s fine.

Brooks & Dunn Split Up

The iconic country duo have called it quits. They announced the decision to split up after 20 years of making music. According to the duo, there is nothing behind the break up except for it “being time.” They added that if you “hear any rumors, don’t believe them.” It’s definitely a loss to the country […]