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Carrie Underwood Gives Birth To A Baby Boy!

Taylor Swift Is Gonna Be A GODMOTHER To Jaime King’s Baby!

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Hollywood and the Nursing Industry

Dr. Conrad Murray To Be Charged With Manslaughter

It seems that pointing fingers have finally come to rest – on Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson’s personal physician. FOX News reported that he will be charged with manslaughter and that he could be arrested by next Wednesday.

MJ Portrait By Warhol Sold By NY Gallery

Renowned artist Andy Warhol made a portrait of the late Michael Jackson, and it was recently sold by a NY gallery. Who bought it and at what price remains undisclosed. I probably wouldn’t be able to afford it if I slaved for the rest of my life!

Meet Judge Joe Jonas

Dallas American Idol hopefuls will be in for a treat as they audition for the singing contest: Joe Jonas. The youngster will be sitting beside the three regular judges and help decide the fate of countless wannabes for the upcoming season of AI. I guess they had to get someone like him to cater to […]

Paris Hilton Favored By Judge

Remember “Pledge This?” I thought not. It was that movie with Paris Hilton which turned out to be a huge flop. Oh which one was that again? Producers of the movie have been going after Hilton, asking her to pay over $8 million because she supposedly did not do her part to promote it. Question […]