Ciara & Ex Future Now In Joint Custody of Son!

Today’s Hottest Woman: Gigi Hadid Celebrates Her 21st Birthday!

Sinead O’ Connor Reported Missing, Is Now Safe

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis, Hospitalized

Caitlyn Jenner Denies ‘Sex Change Regret’ Rumors!

Chris Evans Is Now Reportedly Dating Jenny Slate!

The Official First Family Photo

The first official photo of the First Family has been released, and does it look good! Taken by no less than Annie Leibovitz, the family photo was taken in the Green Room of the White House. If you want your own copy, visit The Official White House Photostream.

Octomom On How She Lost Weight

US Magazine tells us about how Nadya Suleyman lost her pregnancy weight – all whopping 145 pounds of it! No surgery, no nothing. I say she dropped 8 babies, she better lose all that weight!!! Photo courtesy of US Magazine.

New Dad For Britney’s Kid?

Not quite, but the new guy in Britney’s life treats her boys like his own kids. Jason Trawick, Britney’s current boyfriend, seems to really love her and everything that comes with her. Wishing her luck this time around!

Celebs contracts specifies No Tweeting and Blogging

The studios are getting all controlling again again by starting to reign in celebs by adding a clause in their contracts banning them from using “a social networking site, blog or other internet-type site”. Of course, the contracts (for now) only specify that they are banned from using sites like Twitter, Facebook, etc when it […]

Tom Cruise Is “A Bore”

I am pretty sure that wife Katie and daughter Suri would disagree, but a co-star of Tom Cruise has said the words. Bronson Pinchot (who’s he?), of Perfect Strangers fame, says that Tom Cruise is “the biggest bore.” Okay, are we missing something here?