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What Do We Think of Evangeline Lilly’s Body Pictures




It looks like Evangeline Lilly has hit the gym a little too much.  What do you think, do you like the new buff look?

Who the Heck is That Pictures?


Who in the world is aiming for the most flexible butt award?

Answer tomorrow.


Quote of the Day: Jessica Alba on Being Nude




“I don’t do nudity. I just don’t. Maybe that makes me a bad actress. Maybe I won’t get hired in some things. But I have too much anxiety.”

~Jessica Alba

Scarlett Johansson Sexy ‘Allure’ Pictures


Lindsay Lohan Nip Slip Pictures



First let me start off by saying that we’re trying to get a hold of the non-blurred pictures for more nip slip effect.

That being said, here is a nipple-flashing Linday Lohan as she is leaving Paris Hilton’s house Wednesday night.  Lohan gave us a little peace sign while showing off the goods (& then some) with her see-through shirt. 

Lohan seemed in good spirits after spending some good, clean see-through fun with Paris Hilton & Simple Life co-star/skinny minnie Nicole Richie.


Bearly Cute John Mayer & Sheryl Crow in Concert Pictures



A somewhat taken aback Sheryl Crow gets a little surprise from John Mayer’s bearly cute appearance on stage.

Mayer surprised Crow by dressing up in a very hot looking bear outfit & joining Sheryl on stage for their next-to-last tour date together.  The music duo delighted fans alike with their antics Wednesday at the West Palm Beach concert.

John Mayer, what are ya gonna do with that boy?




Sorry, I couldn’t resist another Barbra Streisand after party picture, especially when the picture has two dogs in it:  Rosie O’Donnell & Babs’ pooch!

Rosie O’Donnell & Barbra enjoy some time together after Streisand’s Madison Square Garden concert Wednesday in the Big Apple.  These two ladies look right at home with each other & I hear the concert was star-studded  & worth the wait.


Shanna Moakler did a bit of advertising Wednesay for Smirnoff, apparently she floated down NYC’s Hudson River on a block of ice to introduce Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry.  That kind of sounds like a drink, “I would like to order one Artic Berry Shanna on ice, please.”  Wow, it’s so funny what company’s come up with to advertise their products.

I mean, seriously, who was sitting there thinking, “What truly says ‘Smirnoff Twisted V Arctic Berry’?  Why Shanna Moakler on a massive piece of ice floating down the Hudson.  That’s it!  It’s brilliant!”

Anyhoo, after the Smirnoff festivities, Shanna was interviewed by about that nasty little run-in with none other than the brand herself Paris Hilton.  The two blondes got in a catfight last week at the hot nightspot Hyde.

Shanna stated, “I did not punch her.  I just wish the whole mess would go away. I think there are bigger things in the world happening, like, Korea, like, bigger things. I think America’s probably sick of having Paris shoved down their throats.” {I guess Shanna means North Korea here?}

“And I don’t want to come across as that kind of person in life. I want to be in the magazines for things that I’m doing that are positive. I’m not scandalous. I don’t get into fights and I’m not at the police station for DUI’s. I’m a mom and this is not the spotlight I’m looking for, ever.”

“I’ll take it as far as they want it to go,” Moakler finished.

I dunno, Shanna.  I feel pretty confident that a lot of people would like to Paris to be shoved down their throats….


Angelina Jolie’s Car Driver Hits Motorcycle

angelina-jolie-motorcylce-10-11-2006.jpgA vehicle carrying Angelina Jolie peeled from a traffic signal to avoid paparazzi when the driver hit a man on a motorcycle.

Police have confirmed that 19-year-old Mittal Rawat was struck by the car carrying A Mighty Heart star Angelina Jolie.  The bruised teen seemed unhurt and was able to walk away from the accident.  Interestingly Jolie was reading Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know when the incident occurred. 

This is the second documented incident regarding the paparazzi this week, on Ocotber 7 Jolie & Brad Pitt’s infamous bodyguard Mickey Brett grabbed the neck of British photographer Sam Relph as the famous couple were leaving their Le Meridien Pune hotel.

According to Relph, “He said if I took pictures, he would kill me.”

“He had his fingers on my windpipe and he knew what he was doing. I couldn’t breathe.”

Wow, what a champ that Mickey is, a true soldier of peace.

Jolie & Pitt, if you haven’t heard, are filming a movie about the late reporter Daniel Pearl who was killed by terrorists in Pakistan in 2002.  They are currently filming in Pune, India and it looks like their making themselves right at home.



The Celebrific Lowdown


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Yeeeah:  It’s finally been confirmed, Jessica Simpson is retarded

Glitterati Gossip:   Pamela Anderson keeps it real with her red suit

Hollywood Tuna:  Jessica Alba says no to nude, damn



Jennifer Ansiton visited The Oprah Winfrey Show Wednesday and stated that she has not broken up with beau Vince Vaughn.

At the taping Aniston is reported to have said that she & Vaughn are still hot & heavy, according to audience member Rochelle Alfaro.

Another attendee, Margaret Stent, said that Aniston denied getting breast implants, explaining that when she gains weight it just goes to her chest.  What a nice problem to have.

On Tuesday before the taping, Oprah & Jen popped into the upscale restaurant Japonais where both parties were upbeat, friendly & casual.  Fellow diners could not stop talking to them, apparently, and at one point a large group of Chicago Bears players even joined them.  Yeah, that happens to me all the time.  Except I’m at the Sizzler & it’s a large group of little league players…



Finally Confirmed: Madonna Files Malawi Adoption Papers


Well, it is finally confirmed, Madonna has filed adoption papers at a Malawi court today. The director of child welfare services, Kingston Kilembe, stated that Madonna & director husband Guy Ritchie filed the necessary papers before a judge at the Lilongwe High Court.

38-year-old Madonna was reported to have been in Malawi searching for a boy child to adopt, as posted earlier.  And now it does indeed look like Madonna is a new mother once again.
A government source stated, “They [Madonna and Ritchie] have identified a baby boy in [the southern Lower Shire Valley district of] Chikwawa; we, as government, are arranging for that.”

“There are legal issues to be sorted out.”

According to Malawi laws, children cannot be adopted by anyone other than natives to the African country, but these laws have been waived for the pop goddess.  Madonna & Ritchie will have to act as foster parents to the child before they can officially adopt after 18-24 months.

“After that the papers are filed in a court of law to complete the process,” the Malawi government source stated.

This will be the third child for Madonna, who will join 6-year-old son Rocco & 10-year-old Lourdes in the Madonna camp.
Congrats to both mother & child.




Rosie O’Donnell & Sarah Jessica Parker rekindled the magic of the Barbra Streisand NYC concert backstage Wednesday.

The Madison Square Garden concert brought in stars such as Bill & Hillary Clinton, Regis Philbin, Fran Dresher & Il Divo.  It looks like this NYC concert didn’t have too much of a problem with those hecklers.




nicky-hilton-shanna-10-12-2006.jpgBy now we all know about the Paris Hilton vs Shanna Moakler catfight, and the Travis Barker make-out sessions that led up to that glorious event.  Well, now Paris’ little sister Nikki(doesn’t it always seem like Paris is the little sis?) is taking up for her girl & throwing the towel at Shanna, not surprisingly.

Nikki stated Tuesday, “You know, I think that she should spend more time with her children and doing more important things in life than getting in fights at nightclub.”

“That’s just very scary, being in a nightclub and having someone attack you. Paris is definitely concerned, but I’m taking measures regarding that.”

Hmmmmm, taking measures against that?  What does that mean?  Maybe Nikki Hilton is part of a glitzy, but deadly hotel Mafia ring.



Lindsay Lohan’s New Look Pictures




And here comes another one!  Teen queen Lindsay Lohan has a new hairdo, what is up with the new do’s today?  There must be something in that Hollywood water.

Lindsay Lohan was spotted emerging from a Beverly Hills salon Tuesday sporting a new, curly do.  Jeez, I think I need a new do with all these new do’s coming out, what is a girl to do but get a new do?





Aggghhhh!  All these new hairdos & it looks like Rosario Dawson went & chopped off all her lovely hair into a Bettie Page-type-do.

Dawson & beau Jason Lewis were spotted heading to the Lower Eastside Girls’ Club Willow Awards on Tuesday and my did Rosario do a number on her hair.

What do you think, do you like it?

Which Jessica Simpson is Better?



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