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Kristen Stewart: Being Bella Is Not A Ball

Kristen Stewart gained worldwide fame for playing the character of Bella in Twilight. You’d think she loved everything that came with it. The actress says though, that she misses the normalcy of life. Well, young lady, everything has its price.

Kate Plus Eight Suspended

And it’s not because of the kids or the mom. It’s actually due to Jon’s “erratic” behavior. TLC has issued a statement saying that despite inaccurate statements from Jon, he is still under contract and his behavior is only harming everyone involved. As such, filming has been suspended. Are we really going to miss the […]

Michelle Obama To Visit Sesame Street

It’s so cool! The First Lady is going to join iconic Sesame Street on its 40th anniversary! She is going to promote gardening and healthy eating. I haven’t watched Sesame Street in ages, but this one, I just might see.

Tori Spelling Rushed To The Hospital

Actress Tori Spelling was rushed to the hospital, released, and then taken back. Apparently, she has been experiencing severe stomach pains, although the tests have yielded inconclusive results. Get well soon, Ms. Spelling!