Demi Lovato ‘Allures’ In New Shoot!

Bruno Mars Wears Curlers On “The Voice” Finale!

Today’s Hottest Woman: Britney Spears In “Women’s Health!”

Miss South Africa Rolene Strauss Is Miss World 2014!

Kourtney Kardashian Has Another Boy!

Eat Like the Stars (With the Stars!)

Madonna Celebrates Birthday In Poland

Amidst protests from residents who felt that Madonna’s concert date was ill-chosen (it coincided with a major Roman Catholic holiday), the star’s fans celebrated her birthday with her with a couple of songs. To the outpouring of emotions, Madonna replied “I feel your love!” She turned 51.

Bollywood Actor Held Up At Airport

Shah Rukh Khan, a popular Bollywood actor, was held at a U.S. airport for questioning. The actor did not make much out of it, though, saying that it was an unfortunate but necessary procedure.

Alyssa Milano Gets Married

Former Charmed One Alyssa Milano has tied the knot! The lucky man? Hollywood agent David Bugliari. The couple met in 2006 and got engaged in December last year. Congratulations!

Bob Dylan Unrecognized By Police

Bob Dylan is on tour and while in New Jersey, decided to take a stroll. Residents of the low income neighborhood where he was roaming around and called the police. The young officer apprehended the rock icon, and didn’t have an inkling about who he was dealing with. Dylan had to take the officer back […]

MC Hammer Plans Comeback

Nineties rapper MC Hammer may have been flying under the radar for the past 15 or so years but he is far from done with his career. He is reportedly planning a comeback, with several projects in line. DanceJamtheMusic is a studio album that is supposed to be released in September and he is also […]

Jon & Kate “Reconcile” After Big Blow Up

Police were called to the family’s million-dollar home on Thursday, resulting in the police forcing Kate out of the house. The couple seems to have resolved their issues – at least temporarily. Kate walked up to the house the next day and received a big and warm hug from one of the twins. Relations between […]

Naked Pictures of Jamie Foxx Leaked

The latest scandal to hit the Internet (the third in 3 weeks) involves naked pictures that Jamie Foxx apparently took of himself (possibly for a movie he is filming). This has really turned into the month of naked celebrity scandals. And the Jamie Foxx scandal could prove to be the biggest yet (seeing how he’s […]

Brad Pitt For New Orleans Mayor?

They say that T-shirts promoting the idea have been showing up in New Orleans. I guess it’s because he has done a lot to help the people of the city. In 2007, the founded “Make It Right,” an organization focusing on the victims of Hurricane Katrina. As for the talk of being mayor, Pitt is […]

Jennie Garth: I Know Who Robert Pattinson Is Dating!

But she won’t say a word, much to the dismay of fans. Here is a clue, which just might narrow down the field to a more manageable size: the Twilight star is dating one of his co-stars. Oh, so many stars…

Barbara Streisand Strikes Gold…

…and platinum! Her “Streisand The Concerts” DVD set has already been certified gold and platinum within the first 2 months of release. I guess that’s saying that the diva has not lost her touch! Have you got your copy?