‘Idol’ Becky O’Donohue Blazes In Maxim Photos

Idol Twins.bmp
American Idol contestant Becky O’Donohue doubles the pleasure. The aspiring singer, (right) and possibly porn star, is featured alongside her twin sister, Jessie, in a series of hot & steamy pics on the Maxim magazine Web site. I’m not so sure about the battered-wife look going for Jessie in the pic above.

The 25-year-old twins posed in bikinis, unbuttoned baseball jerseys that are just waiting for the right person to tear them off and in a sauna setting wrapped in only small towels, glistening with sweat. The photos were taken two years ago for the magazine’s online fantasy (sound like your fantasy as well?) football game. The images come back to us now in our time of need, with O’Donohue an Idol contestant.

Jordan Burchette, executive editor of Maxim Online shares his thoughts regarding the images, “There’s all kind of new buzz surrounding them. They were athletes in college, then models, and now they’re vocalists. We look forward to their political careers.”

I can see that. They run through your mind at work, you imagine them modeling naked just for you, their melodious (yeah, right) singing breezes in your ears and you only want to make them you personal president. Yeah, that’s about right I guess.

But you know what I think? Despite Simon’s reputed hatred for all things breasted, I’m pretty sure he’s the most frequent visitor to this site, along with his teddy bear Rupert and handy bottle of lotion.