Charlie Chaplin

It’s being reported that a Charlie Chaplin film which was originally thought to be lost has sold on eBay for the ridiculously low price of $5.68.

The big winner, Morace Park bought the canister with the title “an old film” for just £3.20 and when he opened it a movie called ‘Charlie Chaplin in Zepped’ was found.

According to iWantPop:

The film includes a Zeppelin bomb attack. The film, released in 1916, was believed to be about the World War 1 propaganda that created fear in Britain of German airship attacks. However, the movie vanished many years ago.

Park told the Guardian that the movie  “starts with live shots of Chaplin. It then turns into a dreamscape. We see a Zeppelin bombing attack. And then we see Chaplin talking the mickey out of the Zeppelin, at the time a powerful instrument of terror.”