Social Media News: Redefining The Celebrity Image

The entertainment landscape is changed forever, thanks to the unprecedented outpour of social media news.

Social News Daily

When TV, newspapers, and magazines were the considered as the most powerful media platforms (of a time we’ve forgotten), the task of controlling or managing a celeb’s image seemed easier to troubleshoot, as gossip — which may, at times, be true — aren’t really believed much due to its “Chinese Whispers” nature.

However, as the digital age welcomed itself and brought the voyeur’s ultimate treat, social media, nothing was ever the same.

Leaks and gossips got unruly, and the stars’ stubbornness to keep their kinks and “quirks” (to say the least) under wraps added to the damage. Oh well, more for us to feast on!

Case in point, this shocking, weed-basking One Direction video: