Pregnant Woman Kicked Out Of Hospital Room For Celine Dion

Celine Dion Hospitalized

A woman in Florida was about to give birth to her child when she was moved out of her room so Celine Dion would have a place to stay while awaiting the birth of her premature twin sons, who are due next month!

A doctor ordered Celine to bed rest St Mary’s Medical Center in Palm Beach, at which point staffers made the other woman switch rooms so Celine would be more comfortable in the better room.

The room has a bigger bed, a microwave and a mini-fridge, none of which are offered in the room the other lady was transferred to. Apparently the room had been earmarked for Celine’s stay, even though she arrived extremely early.

The other patient of course “wasn’t too happy” according to one staffer, while the hospital is still claiming that Celine isn’t receiving any special treatment.


  1. So they moved her to another room in The High Priced hospital…Whats the issue?
    She would still get wonderful treatment and Why should she care if theres a microwave or not? She pregnant not applying to be a chef.

    The Woman who was moved will be in great hands either way .
    Her safety and safe delivery is still in tack .
    Celine isnt getting the bigger room cuz shes Celine, She getting it cuz she pays for it.
    And with her security and docs as well as family …The bigger room would suit her needs.

    Celines Safety esp as A famous mother expecting is important. And if the room needs to be cleared to ensure the safety of her …well so be it!
    If these precautions werent made and something happened to her then the hospital would be responsible

  2. Another thing…The Way the article flows It really makes it sound like Celine did someone wrong.
    or Bullied the woman for the room.

    The Woman would not have liked to be in the same room with Bodyguards and Celines family and was placed into a normal sized room ..just like the others in the building…
    Any room she occupies at the time, she would need to be moved to the delivery room to have her baby…
    Having a mini fridge would make the birthing process any less painful

    She wasnt giving birth at the time so if they placed her into another room …then thats all that happened!
    TheY didnt kick her out of the hospital nor did she get less attention that shes entitled to,

    Celine was having problems with her pregnancy and docs are keeping a close eye on her to ensure both her and the Twin boys are ok.

    My aunt works there and all the info is just twisted by the media to create drama. That way the readers get all excited when they see an article making Celine appear no so genuine

  3. Celine Dion is got to be the best singer, she has a very sweet warm voice .