Michael Richards Ready for Legal Apology

michael-richards-apologizes-12-4-206.jpg57-year-old Michael Richards has been a naughty boy & I’m thinking that he didn’t make Santa’s list this year.  The former Seinfeld star has been caught up in a hurricane of controversy after TMZ released a video of the comedian throwing out racial slurs at African American men while doing his stand-up routine recently.

But is looks like the bad old boy is now ready (2 weeks later) to apologize to the two men he strongly offended with his act at the Laugh Factory Comedy Club in Los Angeles. 

Gloria Allred is representing the two men offended by Richards’ ranting released the following statement.

“Michael Richards would like to apologize in person to the gentleman with whom he had the exchange in the club. After discussions with Gloria Allred, an attorney who represents the man and three others who were with him that night, Michael has agreed that they will all meet in the presence of a retired judge who will facilitate the meeting and help the parties resolve this matter. All concerned are hopeful that a face-to-face meeting will be constructive and begin the necessary process of healing and closure.”

So, what do you think- Is this apology enough for Richards’ racial slurring?