Al Gore Shooting Fireball Out Of His Mouth

Star Magazine recently reported that Al Gore had a 2-year affair with producer Laurie David, the ex-wife of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Seinfeld creator Larry David.

David’s agent quickly released a statement about that rumor which surfaced on Tuesday morning, stating to People:

“This report is completely, patently false” adding “I have no idea where it started from or why, but it is absolutely, positively, patently untrue.”

David also reached out to the HuffingtonPost, calling the allegation a “total fabrication” and praising both Tipper and Al:

“I adore both Al and Tipper. I look at them both as family. And I have happily been in a serious relationship since my divorce.”

It’s all quite the sad sequence of events and I’m sure even more truths and falsities will come about over the coming days, weeks and months ahead.