Dr. Drew Wants Charlie Sheen Committed

Dr Drew Close Up

Charlie Sheen has went off the deep end and celebrity therapist Dr. Drew wants the actor to be committed.

The head of Celebrity Rehab stopped by the Joy Behar Show on Wednesday and talked about Sheen’s public outbreaks and firing from Two and a Half Men.

According to Dr Drew:

“It’s funny to me that people somehow believe that you have to know a patient intimately to understand they have a medical condition.”

“It’s really, for me, no different than looking at a rash…It’s somebody who uncharacteristically has a grandiose belief that they have special powers, there’s a torrent of speech, distractablituty, flight of ideas, seemingly endless energy, hyper sexuality…those are all a criteria for a condition called hypomania. It simply defines what hypomania is.”

Pinsky added:

“And for my patients that are stimulant addicts that get into a hypomanic state they typically don’t do drugs then. They don’t’ want to do drugs because they feel high all the time.”

Drew has asked that Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code be applied to Sheen, that code states that anyone who is a danger to themselves be taking into custody for 72-hour treatment and evaluation.

After hearing of Dr. Drew’s suggestion Sheen told K-Earth 101 Live:

“I think me and Pinsky should jump in the ring and he can see how unstable these fists of flaming fury really are,” while adding, “I’ll show you how unstable I am. Bring it! Bring it little man!”

Let the showdown continue.


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