Charlie Sheen’s Drunken Hotel Fiasco Included A Scared Prostitute

Charlie SheenWe reported earlier today that Charlie Sheen was taken to a hospital after being found drunk and naked in his hotel room with a female friend while his ex-wife Denise Richards and his two daughters were staying in another room in the New York City hotel. Now we’ve learned that his “female friend” was actually a prostitute.

The New York Post is reporting that the unidentified woman was actually the one who told police he was yelling and throwing furniture.

According to Life & Style, the prostitute was found in Charlie Sheen’s hotel room closest when they entered the room, Sheen was passed out naked on the bed. The prostitute was also said to be naked.

The hooker apparently met Richards over dinner that night and Richards seemed to be poking fun at the entire night the next day, while tweeting:

“Good morning!! Getting ready .. Heading to do Howard Stern this am!! Hmm what could he possibly ask this time?!?!”

During her radio show appearance Richards just told Stern, “It’s been a very eventful trip.”

Sheen and hookers? That’s just about as common as using air to breath.