Pathetic Celebrity? Jessica Simpson Buys Own Engagement Ring

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson has been dating the still legally married Eric Johnson for three months and now it’s being reported that she shelled over $50,000 to buy a three-carat diamond engagement ring so she can married the grad school dropout.

Eric Johnson had a short lived career in the NFL and it has been reported that he’s strapped for cash and still married to his wife, but that hasn’t stopped Simpson from buying the ring just three weeks into their relationship.

Apparently Simpson has also been gushing to friends that she’s madly in love with the one-time college football star.

Jessica Simpson needs a new reality TV show, between Dane Cook dropping her, John Mayer talking about her acts of sexuality to Playboy and now her upcoming engagement to a penniless nobody, it sure would make for a good laugh or two.

A source close to Simpson told Star Magazine:

“She knows it sounds crazy, but she is 100 percent believes he is the one. She’s never been more sure. She even bought herself an engagement ring….She says she knows that there’s no way he would ever break her heart.”

In terms of Johnson’s finances, the tipster says it’s a worry of his own as well:

“Eric is worried he’s not financially secure enough to start a future with her, but Jessica wanted to show him that she doesn’t care about that – and she has enough money for them both.”

What do you think about Simpson buying her own very expensive engagement ring?


  1. Ugh, she’s already denied this stupid story. Star is the pathetic one here.

  2. And they’ve been together since May, right? That’s more than three weeks, and I do accounting so I’m pretty sure on the math.