Michael Jackson Tried To Make Bubbles The Chimp Talk

Bubbles The Chimp with Michael JacksonThe eccentric lifestyle choices of Michael Jackson continue to be discovered even in death. The newest rumor from Jackson’s sister LaToya is that he tried to get his chimp Bubbles to speak.

According to LaToya, Jackson spent thousands of dollars on research, in the hopes that he could have vocal chords surgically implanted in Bubbles, however researchers said the procedure would be too risky.

Jackson was so determined to have the outcome he wanted that he flew in experts from all over the world to examine Bubbles.

Speaking with News of the World, LaToya said:

“… He wanted to give him vocal chords and asked doctors, ‘Can I give him an operation so that I can know what his thoughts are?'”

According to LaToya the occasional grunt was all they ever heard.


  1. Antoinette says:

    Ratings are low are they? Printing crap again just to get some readers. Shame on you. I just came here to tell you off and that stupid La Toya, everything she says always gets misconstrued I wish she would keep her mouth shut! Michael is still the best so you can all eat marbles!!RIP MJ.

  2. ltoya said this is the documentary about bubbles, the media is twisting this to make it seem like she gave an interview just for this.

  3. Peter "Paparazzi" Fielder says:

    Antoinette…thanks for the laugh.