Kevin Connolly Steps Behind The Camera For “Entourage” Directing Debut

Kevin ConnollyKevin Connolly won’t only be acting this season on Entourage this week he stepped behind the camera to make his directorial debut.

According to sources on set, Connolly is such a perfectionist that he made the cast stay up late, re-shooting several scenes, even though the other film professionals thought the first takes were great.

Crew members say Connolly “is an extreme perfectionist” and that the actors became a bit restless at his constant scene re-shoots.

“Everyone was getting annoyed because there was no reason it should have taken that long to shoot.”

While it may have taken a while, Connolly reportedly had a lot of support, including Queen Latifah who showed up to film a scene for the new season, while Tobey Maguire stopped by for a few hours just to watch Connolly direct. Jerry Ferrera, who plays Turtle also showed up, despite not being in any scenes that day.

The quickest shoot? Adrian Grenier and Sasha Grey in a hot bathroom sex scene. That scene only took four takes.

While not confirmed it’s said that Adrian kept forgetting lines and there was some definite moments of tension between Connolly and Grenier.