Is Sandra Bullock Running From Michelle McGee?

Wow, not only is Kat Von D defending her (well defending her tattoos) but Michelle McGee is now saying, on the Howard Stern show, that Sandra Bullock shares the blame for McGee’s affair with Bullock’s husband Jesse James. Um, right. McGee apparently admits to having had sex with Jesse James out of boredom. No, no, Michelle, you and Jesse James aren’t to blame at all. Sandra made you do it. See, she’s so embarrassed at her guilt that she’s leaving Hollywood for good, possibly splitting her time between Austin, Texas, and New Orleans.

Damn, really? Don’t know what this means for the four films you have listed on your IMDB profile as “in development,” but please don’t go, Sandra. I know you’re happy with the baby you adopted but you’re one of the more entertaining actresses. Please reconsider. I can “see” more film roles for you in the future.

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