Hollywood’s Top Interior Designers At A Glance

Celebrities of all levels have a long history of taking a great amount of pride in their homes. Big, beautiful properties are stifled when their interior design is not at its peak. Hiring the best of the best in interior design is the only way to achieve the desired look without dedicating time that could be spent working on a career.

You probably need a little hint as to where to begin your search for a talented interior designer (aka luxurious furniture arranger). You are in luck. Let the enlightenment start here with a quick look into a few of Hollywood’s most celebrated interior designers.

Joan Behnke

When the stars want a home that speaks of wealth, but does not look overdone or excessively lavish, they go to Joan Behnke. She has loosely been named “the billionaire whisperer.” Living in California, this 60ish designer has built quite a name for herself.

She has completed several projects for millionaire Alec Gores, Sylvester Stallone, and an unnamed music mogul. It is safe to say she knows what she is doing in the field.

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

He may not be funny, but Martyn Lawrence Bullard definitely knows what to do with interior design. He has worked for the mega-famous Kardashians, Cher, and Aaron Sorkin.

Bullard’s talent has expanded his career from a small boutique with eight assistants to a firm with 28 designers, project managers, and in-house architects. He is the epitome of all-in-one for interior design.

Tommy & Kathleen Clements

This mother-son duo have name a name for themselves designing homes for the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Bruno Mars, and Ellen DeGeneres. Ringo Starr even hired them to revamp his sophisticated lair.

Their all-in-the-family style is far from “precious,” and highlights an urban sophistication like no other. Hollywood is sure to see more of this double design team in the future.

Carrie Livingston

Carrie Livingston is an Iowa native that knows just how to add that special flair to your interior design theme. Candy-colored furniture and a graffitied game rooms make a statement on her love for bold colors.

Her quirky, yet sophisticated, style has provided her a multitude of opportunities to travel around the world. Designing for stars such as Ralph Lauren, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Lenny Kravitz has left a shining star on her resume.

Eric Hughes

Though he has a history of clients that reads like a Hollywood blockbuster’s all-star cast, Eric Hughes may just be the best kept secret of interior design. He is a stranger to social media, and just recently stated that he enjoys Instagram for “its pretty pictures.”

He has done designs for Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick, Andy Cohen, Lynn Harris, and Marci Klein, along with many others.