Elton John’s Baby Shown Off In First Public Photo

Elton John - OK! Magazine Baby ShootBritain’s OK! Magazine will hit newsstands this week with the first public photo of Elton John’s new baby boy.

Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John was born to a surrogate mother on Christmas Day and is now living with Elton, 63 and his 48 year old partner of 12 years David.

According to reports, the surrogate mother was implanted with an egg from another female donor and then fertilized by one of the fathers. Elton John is listed as the father on the birth certificate, but he has not confirmed that it was his sperm that provided the surrogate baby.

While the men are wealthy, they told the magazine that they plan to ensure their boy isn’t spoiled.

John went on to say the birth was fantastic and quick:

“He shot out like a rocket,” Elton said, adding, “There just aren’t proper words to describe that feeling. It’s indescribable. It was just, ‘We have a son!’”

Money received for the photo shoot is being donated to charity.


  1. Disgusting, buying a mother to carry out a child for some 100k pounds… that makes look prostitution look nice. Hail to a 62 year old father (who doesnt like to have one that old) where will be the mother in the poor childs life… and furthermore, putting a few month old baby on the front page of a magazine… HOW GAY IS THAT!!