Celebrity Tips for Healthy Cooking

healthy meal

There’s no question that celebrities are among the most health-conscious people. It’s understandable because after all, it’s their physical image that matters most in their job.

Celebrity moms and chefs are often those who go for healthy cooking. And many have offered their tips online for their fans and parents looking for ways to cook healthy food to their families.

Here are some ideas you can follow to ensure you, too, can enjoy good health and great body moving forward. They’re easy to do so you should be able to do them for your every day meal and snacks.

Go the Greek Way

Using Greek yogurt instead of the usual sour cream is the most common celebrity cooking tip. The reason is that the Greek version is high in protein with less sugar and no fat.

It makes a great substitute and you won’t know the difference in taste. Ellie Krieger of the Food Network recommends using this type of yogurt.

Loco over Coconut Oil


If you want a healthy oil, another great alternative other than olive oil is coconut oil. It is 100 percent cholesterol free so it’s good for the heart and tastes great, too.

Coconut oil can be used in any dish that uses oil or butter. Celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis recommends this for desserts, vegetables, pasta and salad dressings.

Choose Lean Meat

Did you know that any lean meat can make a great alternative to beef or red meat? If your recipe states ground beef, you can always substitute it with ground chicken, turkey or a vegetable alternative. Lean meat is heart-friendly and is good for digestion as well.

For those who prefer the red meat, though, make sure to go for the organic and grass-fed type such as that of the bison. Bison meat is healthier owing to its less saturated fact and ideal levels of the CLA fat.

Avocado is A-Ok


If there’s one fruit that makes a great substitute for oil, it has to be avocado. Celebrity Eva Longoria uses this fruit as an alternative to oil or butter to keep her slim and healthy.

Avocado, unknown to some people, has monosaturated fats that are good for the heart and helps in losing weight. They help in burning body fat and slowing hunger pangs.

Fruit as Sweetener

When a recipe calls for the use of sugar, you can always switch to using fruit. Sara Moulton, a gourmet magazine chef, recommends this tip which she follows in her cooking.

For example, she uses strawberries with fat-free sour cream or non-fat whipped cream to make a healthier version of cannoli. Another option, she said, is to use pureed fruit especially when making baked dessert. Fruits are low in calories and are food for the blood sugar.

Tofu for You


Soy is always good for both kids and adults. So why not cut down on your pork and use tofu instead? Using tofu actually gets rid of all the saturated fat and cuts out three grams of fat. The best part is it is rich in protein (12 grams).

Get more tips on ways to prepare great tasting food that benefits the mind and body through healthy cooking Philippines on the web.