Hilary Duff Is Back To Singing In “Chasing The Sun!”

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Hilary Duff is back, and there’s nothing else Lindsay Lohan can do.

hilary duff chasing the sun

2003-2004 reference aside, the former teen queen signals her return to the recording studio via her newest single, “Chasing The Sun,” whose video is now available.

It’s purely a feel-good romp, as she plays an unproductive employee who did nothing but daydream that she’s off to some beach, sauntering with a hunk in tow.

“Guess what! I am feeling so loved, the Lizzie McGuire star tweets. “So grateful for all my many blessings.”

Well, critically, it’s no genius pop hit, but if you just wanna feel good for a day, then the 26-year-old’s tune might just do the trick!

hilary duff chasing the sun music video


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