Leo and Blake Split up!

Good news, ladies: Leonardo DiCaprio is free for the taking again.
Sources close to the couple say that he and Blake Lively are no longer dating. The two started seeing each other in early May of this year.

Seems like a friendly break-up. The source speculates that it was really just a matter of bad timing. Leo’s been really busy, and his commitments take him all over the world. Long distance relationships are a bummer.
Well, they’ll always have Paris. Or rather, the French Riviera, where they were captured by papparazi hugging on a yacht.
We’ll grudgingly say that they had made a cute couple: biking in New York, visiting the Sydney zoo. Seemed like the average, starry-eyed kids out having some fun. Wonder if they ever sat on the porch under the light of a silvery moon?

But apparently Blake isn’t wasting any time crying over a lost love. She’s been seen having dinner with Ryan Reynolds. Ah well. Guess that’s one girl who doesn’t believe in sitting by the phone, hoping he’ll call back.

There’s a long line of women who are more than willing to comfort Leo in this difficult time, but with a new movie premiering this November, he doesn’t look like he’ll be spending a lot of nights at home either.