Michael Phelps Celebrates Win With Fiancé And Baby! [PHOTOS]

Michael Phelps, wife, and son

The most prized medal of ’em all: the cute baby!

Michael Phelps and the rest of the US swimming team’s win at the 2016 Rio Olympics was a no-brainer. But his soon-to-be wife and their cute son Boomer cheering by the sidelines? That was simply unexpected and adorable.

Michael Phelps and team win
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Who’s the lucky wife anyway? She’s Nicole Johnson, the 2010 Miss California winner, who placed 9th when she competed for the USA pageant. The couple announced their engagement last February 2015.

Michael Phelps and son
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According to various sources, the two will marry after the Olympics. What a cute ring-bearer 2-month-old Boomer will be!


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