Qualities the Most Awesome Celebrity Homes Have in Common

There is no doubt that celebrities have some of the nicest and most luxurious homes. With the kind of money that they earn, why wouldn’t they? This is especially true considering being a celebrity isn’t easy. You can hardly go out in public without your face being plastered all of the news.

This is likely the reason why so many celebrities spend the money making sure their home (or homes) are top of the line and feature some cool qualities that make all the normal people dream they could have a home that looks the same. As unique and off the wall as some celebrity homes are, there are certain qualities that the coolest ones have in common.

A Place to Soak the Day Away

With all the stress that come with being famous, it’s extremely important that the wealthy and elite get their R%R in. Though most people have the luxury of a tub to soak their stresses away in, the best celebrity homes have spas, hot tubs and infinity pools to take a load off in. Beyonce and Jay Z are just one of the couples to be able to soak away their worries in an infinity pool.

A View That’s to Die For

Not only can celebrities afford to have pools and spas in their own homes to help them get the needed rest and happy time they need, they also always go to extensive lengths to get the views that are to die for. Amazing views don’t come cheap and this the reason that celebrities are often the ones that get to enjoy them.

Channing Tatum is selling his home in Tribeca. The apartment features a stunning view of New York City. Don Imus has a penthouse apartment in Manhattan overlooking Central Park that’s for sale for almost 20 million. Charlton Heston’s house in Beverly Hills features a breathtaking view of surrounding land and the ocean. All in all, if you have the money, it’s natural to want to spend it on the view. Nature is so beneficial to the human psyche.

A Maxed Out Master Suite

In all the ways that a celebrity will go all out for their home, it’s understandable that they would go to the moon for their master suite. It is where they spend the best of their time, is it not? Patrick Stewart’s master bedroom had a direct connection to a patio overlooking the district of Brooklyn. Adrienne Maloof has a master bedroom that looks like it belongs in a palace. Celine Dion’s home has not just one, but two master suites.

If you have the means to go big-do it. That’s the lesson today. If you want a home that’s as breathtaking as the celebrities, start saving up, or do something really crazy to get yourself famous for no reason.