Paris Hilton Jabs a Bad Joke at Lindsay Lohan

We all know how consequences of our actions sometimes catches up to us no matter how much the price we’ve already paid for it. With the media gone crazy on the plight of Lindsay Lohan and her constant battles with authorities, it is pretty easy for other celebrities to poke fun at her self-inflicted misfortunes.

While on the set of her reality TV show, The world according to Paris, Paris Hilton jabbed a rather painful joke at Lindsay Lohan. A woman asked Paris for  a pair of earrings she was wearing, and although she agreed to give it away, the heiress was quoted as saying. “ I’m not Lindsay. If I were Lindsay, I’d be stealing the earrings and not giving them away.”

Her rather insightful joke comes after Lindsay Lohan’s arrest for theft of a necklace from a high end boutique called Kanoffie & Co in LA. Lohan has most certainly broken her 2007 probation which was given after her arrest for DUI due to the theft charges filed against her last April.

The once shining child star, was cast in a shadow of a steep fine and  3 years probation after pleading no contest to the charges of theft.  She is currently serving 480 hrs of community service and  120 days in jail. She is to turn herself in on June 17.

The 24 yr old actress has begun her community service last week and shall be serving her jail term under house arrest.

How sad indeed for such a beautiful face be so riddled with poor decisions and judgement in a life that expects her to be on top of her game. She admits to many of her poor decisions but easily quips she is a fighter and is aware of how much work she needs to get done to enable her audience to shower her with the same respect.

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