Celebrity Health And Wellness: Stars Fighting Back Against Diabetes

Everyone knows that it isn’t just the common man that suffers from health issues. Celebrities are not immune to illnesses, and they cannot use their riches to come up with miracle cures. There are celebrities with mental and physical ailments. One thing that most of them do is raise awareness for the illnesses they suffer.

Not all of them do this either, as celebrities tend to still live under the same stigma as the rest of the population does when it comes to certain illnesses. Although, knowing that a celebrity is going through the same things as you could be motivation enough to make you live a better and healthier life, know if they can do it you can do it too. Here are some celebrities that are battling diabetes, a common illness among Americans, and some tips on how you can get healthier and fight it yourself!

First Of All, What Is It?

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that affects people of all walks of life. It’s discovered by testing blood sugar, which is abnormally high in individuals with diabetes. While this illness has been spreading more due to the unhealthy lifestyles, like fast food diets, it affects people that are remotely healthy as well.

However, even if you’re still at risk, whether it’s because of heredity or weight issues, you can still work to stay healthier and attempt to avoid this illness. A couple ways to work towards controlling, or avoiding, diabetes are to get regular exercise (make it your daily routine for optimal health) and to eat healthy food, fresh and homemade. Avoid fast food, watch portions at restaurants, and curb your sweet tooth.

Celebrities Diagnosed With Diabetes

You may be surprised to read some of these names, but again, anyone can suffer any kind of illness. Having a celebrity name or a lot of money isn’t protection against illness!

Tom Hanks announced his diagnosis with diabetes in 2013 while being questioned by David Letterman on TV. As an actor, he plays parts in which he sometimes needs to put on or lose a good deal of weight, he could be harming himself even more. Yo-yo weight loss and gain can put a strain on the body, even the heart.

Larry King has Type 2 diabetes as well, and has had to have bypass surgery. Diabetes often raises a person’s risk for other issues, especially heart disease. These celebrities all know that this is a controllable disease, and do what they can to keep their own illnesses under control.

Type 2 diabetes isn’t the only one out there. When someone says they were born with diabetes, they generally have Type 1, which is juvenile diabetes and develops in childhood. Another type of diabetes is that of gestational. This is developed by pregnant mothers.

One would look at actress Salma Hayek and see the picture of health and wellness. However, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during a pregnancy. She had a family history of Type 2 diabetes.

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  1. In July of 2016. it was discovered that I got type 2 diabetes, By the end of the July month. I was given a prescription for the Metformin, I stated with the ADA diet and followed it completely for several weeks but was unable to get my blood sugar below 140, Without results whatever I did, I really panicked and called my doctor. His response?? Deal with it yourself, I started to feel that something wasn’t right and do my own research, Then I found Lisa’s great blog (google ” HOW NOW I HELPED MYSELF FROM THE DIABETES ” ) .. I read it from cover to cover and I started with the diet and by the next morning. my blood sugar was 100, Since then. I get a fasting reading between the mid 70s and 80s, My doctor was very surprised at the results that. the ne Nxt week. he took me off the Metformin drug, I lost 35 pounds in my two month and lost more than 8 inches off my own waist as well as I can exercise twice per day and still having a lot of energy.The truth is that we can get off the drugs and help myself by trying natural methods..

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