4 Things Celebrities Love To Spend Money On

Celebrities are known for their lavish lifestyles and taste in the finer things in life. Since the average movie star earns millions a year they don’t have many limits when it comes to running their credit cards the minute that they see something that catches their eye.

While the rest of us have to take out a loan to buy a house, celebrities are paying all cash for million dollar mansions, and wondering whether they want a new jet or yacht this month. If you’ve ever wondered what celebrities tend to spend the most amount of money on, here are some of the most common areas.


Celebrities are known for having properties all over the world in multiple countries. Sometimes they will spend half of the year in one of their homes and the rest of the year in the other. Rarely are their homes simple or humble. Some celebrity homes have entire gyms inside of them and even home theaters!

When their salaries are millions a year it’s no wonder that they would want to live in a beautiful and lavish home.


It’s no big surprise to see celebrities sporting some seriously impressive jewelry. From necklaces to rings they are sometimes seen wearing pieces worth millions alone.

Some celebrities have a taste for diamonds and are seen wearing some of the rarest rocks in the world. Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring, for example, is estimated at a whopping 8 million dollars. While some people in the world are starving, and one person is wearing enough to feed an entire country, this can be a staggering reality.


Celebrities are no stranger to rare and expensive vehicles. Our favorite stars are always seen driving some of the finest cars in the world. Rarely do celebrities have only one car. Many of them have garages full of cars worth hundreds of millions total.

Some celebrities buy cars and never even drive them at all, they are merely collectors. Having such a special and rare car isn’t so much about having it to drive, but just as a status symbol.


When celebrities travel they like to do it in style. Some celebrities rent entire islands and get hotels that cost as much as $50,000 a night. Imagine this per night when many of us are struggling to make just half of that amount in an entire year!

Beyond fancy accommodations they are also known for having lavish meals, nights out on the town, and plenty of shopping in their destinations once they arrive. Their enormous celebrity travel budget is nothing short of a few years salary for many of us.