4 Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups

Hollywood is full of some of the most well known and adored celebrities in the world. We watch them on television and read about them in the magazines. If something happens to them we know about it and live vicariously through their seemingly perfect romances

When they break up it can be devastating. As if we knew them personally since we spent so much of our time reading about their favorite meals together and where they went n vacation.

There are some breakups which stand out above the rest, however. Breakups that we never even saw coming. Here are some of the most shocking celebrity breakups over the last decade that we will never forget.

Heidi Klum and Seal

It seems like only yesterday that Seal took Heidi Klum on the top of a mountain and lured her into a romantic igloo. It was here that he made his famous proposal presenting her with a ring and asking for her hand in marriage. Over the years they not only had one of the most well known happy marriages but also several children together.

It was no doubt a shock when the couple called it quits seemingly out of the blue. Fans were devastated as one of the world’s most beloved couples who we all thought would be together forever fell out of love.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The famous controversy surrounding Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was on the cover of every magazine when they first got together. It was rumored that Angelina was the reason that Brad broke up with his wife Jennifer Aniston.

After the initial shock and tabloid frenzy surrounding Brad’s new relationship with Angelina following the shooting of their film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, they went on to raise a family together. With multiple children who were adopted as well as several biological children, they were known as one of the strongest forces in Hollywood.

Their break up was not only a shock but came with no warning signs. One day they were the most powerful couple in Hollywood and the next they were going through a legal battle. People were so confused that many of them took to strongly choosing one side or the other.

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

The famous couple that was wrapped up in the infamous Scientology church. There wasn’t a magazine or television show which didn’t talk about the intrigue and mystery surrounding this couple.

After the infamous scene which Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch professing his love for Katie Holmes we were convinced they would be together forever. Sadly this was far from the case. Not only did they part ways but it involved a nasty legal battle.

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