4 Celebrity Secrets For Looking Perfect For a Photo Shoot

When you see your favorite celebrity on the cover of a magazine you may ask yourself how it is that they look so perfect. Sure there may be a few Photoshop tricks but most of the time these are genuinely incredibly attractive people.

It seems like the rest of us are struggling just to look normal in the mornings with ten pounds of makeup yet these celebrities roll out of bed and look like a million bucks before they’ve even had coffee. However, the didn’t accidentally get photographed this way. There are a handful of secrets that they stick to when they are anticipating an upcoming photoshoot. Here are some of the most common and effective ways that they prep for perfection.

Going On a Diet

Often celebrities know months ahead of time that they will be appearing on a magazine spread. Therefore they have time to plan ahead and shed any extra pounds that they need to before making an appearance in photos.

Often, they hire a personal trainer and go on a diet program which offers quick and effective results. Since often they have the convenience of personal nutritionists and chefs this is fairly easy for them to stick to. Before you know it they have an athletes body in a quarter of the time that it would have taken someone without their resources.

Airbrush Tanning

When bearing skin, the more bronzed you are the less your skin’s imperfections show. Not only does a tan make you appear thinner, but you are less likely to see cellulite or unwanted curves.

Celebrities have the luxury of hiring a specialist who sprays bronzer on their body making them appear tanner and more muscular. Think of it as a contouring of the body. This gives them an extra advantage in looking flawless for the camera.


Next time that you see a celebrity in skin-tight clothing and wonder how they got such a washboard stomach only weeks after delivering a baby, look closely and you’ll realize that they are probably wearing shapewear.

Shapewear squeezes and lifts and flattens in all of the right places in order to be able to wear even the tightest clothing. The waist appears smaller, the hips are smoothed down, and the butt is lifted making them look like they’ve been sculpted like a statue.


Makeup specialists have been using this secret technique for years even though it only became popular in mainstream culture recently.

The effects of makeup contouring can be so effective that it can even give the illusion of plastic surgery. By using dark and light contours on the face, celebrities can accentuate or tone down the parts of their face they want to manipulate.