3 Tips For Decorating For Christmas Like A Celebrity

With the Christmas season upon us, many homes and families are working hard to get their decorations up. When your home feels like Christmas and the holidays are apparent based on your surroundings, it’s so much easier to get in the spirit of the season and really feel the joy that comes with it. And some of the people who know how to do this best are celebrities. But luckily for us, we won’t have to have our own decorators to have our homes looks like a celebrity’s come Christmas time. To show you how, here are three decoration tips to help you make your home look like a celebrity’s Christmas card.

Keep It Simple and Sophisticated

While you may think that celebrities and their decorators might love to take their decorations over-the-top for Christmas, you may be surprised to know that a simple, sophisticated look is something that many stars go for. Julie Sprankles, a contributor to SheKnows.com, shares that celebrities like Denise Richards, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria have all been known to keep their Christmas decorations simple. Putting up a beautiful tree that allows for space for all your family and friends to gather is something that not only proves beneficial to the stars, but might also be the perfect type of decor for your home as well.

Showcase Fresh Flowers

Although a lot of Christmas decor centers around the traditional colors of red and green, one great way to spice up the color palette of your home decor this holiday season is to use fresh flowers to bring in some pops of color. According to HGTV, many celebs choose to use flowers like magnolia and roses as well as plants like eucalyptus and other evergreen foliage when adding charm to their spaces. In fact, the majority of the holiday decorations for Trisha Yearwood’s home included some type of fresh flowers or other greenery. While this can get expensive to maintain throughout the holidays, the effect of this decor can be absolutely stunning.

Decorate Every Space on Your Property

To make your home truly look like a celebrity’s Christmas card, you may want to try taking your decorations into every space on your property, not just the common rooms. According to Stuff.co.nz, Kaley Cuoco even decorated her horses’ stables to help get everyone living at her house into the Christmas spirit. Especially if you live in a temperate climate, you can bring your holiday decor straight into some of your outdoor spaces as well.

If you want your home to look as well put together as the celebrities you follow, use the tips mentioned above to get a look similar to theirs in the comfort of your own home.