3 Hollywood Couples Who Had Very Civil Divorces

Although going through a divorce can be very hard on any married couple, it’s understandable that having to wade through a public divorce—like many celebrities do—could make the whole ordeal even harder. Not only do famous couples often have more complicated financial arrangements to make, but there’s always people, whether they’re close to the couple or not, who want to comment to the press about how or why the split is taking place. Luckily, there have been quite a few couples who’ve been able to make their divorce as amicable as possible and even remain friends once their romantic relationship was over. Here are a few of those lucky couples.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

According to Brittney Stephens, a contributor to PopSugar.com, Bloom and Kerr announced their separation in October 2013. However, it wasn’t just these two who would be affected by their divorce. Kerr and Bloom also had a son together. In order to give him a happy, peaceful life, the couple decided to end their marriage in the most amicable way possible. Although they are now divorced, they still often spend time together along with their son. Because of the bond they have through their child, they feel as though they are family and not just friends even though they are no longer romantically involved with one another.

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore

Another couple who has been divorced for quite some time but still manage to see each other fairly often in a civil manner is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Because they also had multiple children together, it was important for them to not have an ugly divorce and to still be able to be friendly to one another for the sake of their children. However, this couple has taken it to a new level by even going on vacations together as a family. So although they divorced in 2000, according to Jessie Farewell, a contributor to TheHollywoodMag.com, they have truly made the best of a bad situation.

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon

In yet another tale of keeping things civil for the kids, Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon have also been able to maintain a friendship despite having gone through a divorce. Jene Luciani, a contributor to Shape.com, writes that this marriage happened at a very young age for both parties, and they had children rather quickly. And while it’s common for young people to have messy divorces, Phillippe and Witherspoon fought against this trend and rose above their pride to be civil toward each other.

While we often hear about the messy and drawn out divorces that happen in Hollywood, there are still couples who refuse to let the fact that their marriage didn’t work out ruin their lives or relationships.