Today’s Hottest Woman: Gigi Hadid Celebrates Her 21st Birthday!

Gigi Hadid

…And she chomped on a burger to commemorate it!

The supermodel just keeps giving us reasons to love her!

During her first ever appearance on The Tonight Show last Monday, host Jimmy Fallon surprised her with a take-out from J.G. Melon, one of the now-21-year-old’s fave haunts!

“Eat clean to stay fit — eat a burger to stay sane,” Gigi says as she takes a bite of the scrumptious meal. However, there’s an exception: “I don’t do tomatoes.”

Gigi Hadid
(c) Getty

She also shared how BF Zayn Malik gave her a rather interesting gift for her birthday: helping her win $400 on a $15 blackjack table as they kicked it in Vegas.

Ah, Gigi, you’re the best.


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