Star Trek Stars Wander Where No One Has Gone Before

The original celebrities of Star Trek have enjoyed a long and prosperous stint in the lime light, ever since the original run of Star Trek in the 1960’s. As the series spun off into its various segmented chapters, with The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, and eventually enterprise tying it all together with the early beginnings of the Trek universe as known to the television watching crowd, it left some question as to what was in the future of the many casts that entertained the throngs of faithful science fiction enthusiasts for so very long.


Now with some of the original members having passed away and others reaching well into their golden years, new developments in the Star Trek universe may soon take the series in even more interesting directions. A few years ago, when the writers returned to revisit the original series with younger actors, it left many to wonder if the Star Trek universe was on its last leg.

But with the recent rumor that William Shatner may make an appearance on the up and coming movie in 2016, and possibly Leonard Niemoy as well, this sparked a renewed interest in the fan base, breathing life back into the hope for a meaningful future for the star Trek universe. Though it is unlikely that Shatner and Nimoy would ever make a go at reviving a regular series on television where they play leading roles on Star Trek, there has been some talk recently about reviving the role of another prominent Star Trek figure that may prove to give fans even more to hope for in the coming future of the Star Trek saga.

Captain Worf

Michael Dorn

Talk of a new series starring Michael Dorn reprising his role as the famous Clingon Worf, son of Moag, who was at one time accepted into the house of Martok during the Deep Space 9 run, has surfaced once again. If Perimount gives the go ahead on this project, Star Trek fans may once again witness the rise of yet another story within the Star Trek universe which further cements Michael Dorn’s character Worf as the one individual who has appeared in more episodes of Star Trek than any other character in the shows history. With Paramount being the only obstacle standing in the way of the show’s going forth, a failure on the part of Paramount to okay the series could potentially lead to a huge backlash by Star Trek fans across the globe.

Where Might the New Series Head?

Where Michael Dorn plans to take the new series is anyone’s guess, but there exists a fairly complete script for the show’s pilot. It has already been leaked by Dorn that he would like to bring back certain members of The Next Generation from Patric Stewart to Levar Burton and potentially others from Deep Space 9 to take the story through a new twist. Such an attempt raises the question if there is room for John Delancie as Q in this new endeavor. As things stand, the fate of the Star Trek television series Captain Worf may rest on the shoulders of one greater than Q, since Perimount ultimately has the final word on the matter.