Tina Sherman Pictures Leaked From Cell Phone By McDonald’s Employee

Ok. You might be asking who is Tina Sherman. I was asking the same thing until I read about her lawsuit against McDonald’s. It’s really an interesting story: Sherman’s husband left his cell phone at McDonald’s. He called the store, they kept in the back until he picked it up. Everything’s ok, right?

Not. Apparently, a McDonald’s employee uploaded nude photos of Tina Sherman to the internet. These are photos that Sherman took for her husband and sent to him via cell phone. They were not intended to be seen by anyone else. At least that’s her story.

Here’s my theory. I think Tina Sherman and her husband contrived this whole thing. Whether they thought of it before or after they left the phone at McDonalds doesn’t matter. I’m betting they realized that they could set this whole thing up and potentially earn millions of dollars for doing so. And it was the Shermans who uploaded the photos to the net. Hopefully the FBI can trace the images to their source.

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