Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez Are High As F*ck! [PHOTOS]

Nothing beats two gorgeous women having a good time, especially if it’s Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez!

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Okay, so maybe we don’t have any proof (yet) that these two actually had substance with them, but their ‘weirder than weird’ behavior during the New York Knicks game alludes to this.

Last January 7, at the Madison Square Garden, Delevingne and Rodriguez were rather interested in sharing a smooch than see the team on the fourth quarter of their game. [The boys lost, in case they missed it.]

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Aside from this, the girls were goofing around: smoking e-cigarettes, cuddling, whispering to each other, and randomly gigging. Sounds like a walk in the park to us. (?!)

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“Cara had to take Michelle’s drink away from her during the 2nd half of the game. Michelle was so sloppy, it was embarrassing to watch,” someone from the game tells Us Weekly.

Well, we’ll let it slide for now. At least things didn’t get lewd?

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