Britney Spears Photoshopped Her Bikini Pic?!

Britney Spears

Real or fake? You tell us.

The whole Interwebs was in a chaos once again due to Britney Spears‘ recent pool side photo, which got a little too sexy for reality!

Britney Spears
(c) Instagram

Despite garnering over 170, 000 likes, many of her Instagram followers thought her torso section was a case of bad Photoshopping.

“It doesn’t look real. She’s beautiful but there’s something wrong with the pool’s border,” one user wrote.

Britney Spears and kids
(c) Instagram

I say… cut her some slack! Brit-Brit’s just enjoying her break from the Piece of Me tour with her sons.

Continue slaying, Godney!


It’s Britney, b*tch!

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