Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed to finally wed

One of the more enduring relationships in Hollywood has been between Kiss’ Gene Simmons and Playboy playmate and B-movie vixen Shannon Tweed. Yes, the guy with the unusually long tongue and the girl who made men’s tongues flap out have a long-standing relationship – not really surprising despite the unusual pairing. The couple has been together for 28 years despite allegations of infidelity and Simmons’ reputation for allegedly bedding thousands of women. If that doesn’t make for a rock solid relationship I don’t know what will.

Simmons’ refusal to get hitched has become legendary – he has probably become the demigod of eternal bachelors like George Clooney – although Clooney has the face and debonair reputation to carry it with style. Simmons is just, well, let’s face it he attracts the more skanky demographic.

So back to the wedding. The man has finally decided that it’s high time to make a legitimate woman of the mother of his two children. The wedding is slated to be held on October 1. Some say that this is just another stunt to get more viewers to watch their reality show Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, but as a hopeless romantic I hope that this one is the real deal. It will just blow if they use marriage as a publicity stunt – yes, I’m looking at you Spencer and Heidi.

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