David and Victoria Beckham Await Their First Daughter Via C-Section

It looks like the color pink will be washing through the Beckham’s nursery as the Posh Spice Girl is expecting their first daughter. David and Victoria Beckham are indeed very excited for the arrival of their newest family member via C-section at a Los Angeles hospital anytime soon.

Months of preparation of have been done to welcome their little princess, as David expresses getting used to too much pink and lilac in the house. Their little posh pink spice bundle already has an entire wardrobe and baby boudoir waiting for her at this very moment.

The couple has gone through a lot of changes preparing for their new bundle of joy. Sources say that Victoria temporarily moved out of their marital bedroom to seek a bigger spacious refuge in her own bedroom suite. This isn’t too much girl power in the works here, as the lovely pregnant posh spice finds it difficult sleeping next to her soccer prince when she feels like a beached whale. She says she needs more space to stretch out! Judging by her very recent photos, the woman can still fit in a tight pair of skinny jeans and look smashing in them! What is she on about?

Days before her scheduled C-section, Victoria has been sharing her bedroom suite with a furry roomie … their new puppy French bulldog Scarlet to comfort her pregnant woes.

The 37 year old posh momma reveals her plans to breastfeed her daughter. This is a first for Victoria since she had her boys fed on formula. Having a daughter made her think twice about formula feeding, and decided to go all natural and perfectly different for their little girl.

Photo Credit: paul_o36

Photo Credit: foonfoon_16