Vanessa Hudgens Shoots In Lingerie For Details Magazine

Vanessa Hudgens Details March 2011 Hot Photo

Wow! Vanessa Hudgens sure has come a long way since strutting her stuff in High School Musical. The 22-year-old actress recently shot some steamy photos for Details Magazine and we have the goods.

The March edition of the magazine is set to hit store shelves on February 15 where Hudgens talks about her upcoming movie Sucker Punch and her lead role in Journey To The Center Of The Earth.

Speaking about her role with Michael Caine Hudgens tells Details Magazine:

“[Michael] is uh-mazing. Not only is he uh-mazingly, stupidly talented, but he still kind of hits on me. All the time. If it was anybody else, I’d be like ‘Who the hell do you think you are?’ But because it’s Michael Caine, I’m like, ‘Sock it to me more, baby, come on!’ I frickin’ love him.”

Enough chit-chat, here’s what you really want:

So what do you think about the Hudgens spread.

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  1. i think she’s HOT she’s 22 years old no longer with DISNEY she’s a grow ass woman I don’t understand the mainstreams complaints of Disney (or any other) young stars going on to do racy things. How many of us haven’t? People need to stop forgetting that they were hormone driven teenagers at one point in their lives.

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